Green Coffee extract powder is made out of un-roasted beans. It used to be sold by a shop called Bouncing Bear Botanicals. I am unsure how it is made or who else sells it. It has amny uses and health benefits. I still suggest regular Coffee The beans are chalked full of chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a well know antioxidant.[2] It has been reported to show mild effects towards lowering blood pressure. Antioxidants protect cells and prevent oxidative stress.[2] It's my belief that excessive consumption is not good when dealing with this type of extract.. I think that too much Caffeine is not necessarily a good thing. Never the less, this stuff can be useful, and its bright green color indicates its freshness and potency. You can even grow your own Coffee. Seeds are available. Imagine the potency, aroma, and intensity of your very own freshly harvested cup?



Something you may not know about Coffee is that it does show some promising health benefits. In a 2012 study it was concluded that folks who consumed moderate amounts of it actually had a lower rate of heart failure.[1] It was also demonstrated that habitual consumption was linked with improved vascular function.[1] Honestly, that last statement makes me wanna drink more. Chocolate has simliar health benefits to this as well! It contains beneficial phytochemicals just like other plants. Phytochemicals are medicinal, psychoactive, and pharmacological chemicals made by plants in accordance to the programs written into their DNA[3]. They are more complex and mind-boggling than any compounds human beings have ever or could ever create. These alkaloids were designed by the same intelligence that created the cosmos.


This extract powder is simple enough to capsule up, or you can buy them pre-capped. Capsules are ideal for people on the go who don't actually have the time to down a regular cup of Coffee. ( Woah! Slow Down! Wake up a littler earlier and slower! ) It can be added to infusions and tinctures to enhance them with its stimulating properties. Sense its a green powder that can easily be blended into just about any recipe, it can easily be used in culinary applications, adding to your foods health benefits. I personally think chemistry and extracts leans towards sorcery / abominations and prefer things the way God made them. I don't understand this obsession with pharmakaia and trying to make natural drugs "better". You can't make a strawberry supplement that's better than a bunch of fresh strawberries. You want free based strawberry or just regular strawberry?

I've made it into a regular cup, or just mixed half bean and half extract in the coffee filter. Both are nice. There's something about the rich green texture that alters the flavor in such a dramatic way. It really seemed to enhance the elevation of energy and clarity of mind that I recieved as a result of drinking the two cups that I decided to have. I've also tried it in smoothies and different recipes using a blender. You can make everything green and stimulating with this stuff, and the taste is quit workable, especially if you're a fan of that sort of flavor. This stuff is like the crack of Coffee son

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Dosages: Herbalists recommend around two grams daily with a meal.
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