These seeds are used in alternative medicine for dealing with depression, although there are some remedies which probably work better like Hemp or St Johns Wort. You need to see a healthcare professional to find out what's best for you, I suggest Jah. They are believed to help the body to create a vital neurochemical that regulates mood, thus making it useful as an anti-depressant. If you're wondering how these seeds could possibly do this, then brace yourself for the truth. The plant produces a phytochemical known as 5-HTP 5-hydroxytryptophan, the author of which? God.. It's an important building block for our bodies to create serotonin.

Phytochemist have also discovered other compounds known as legume lectins, called GS Isolectin B4, which binds to alpha-D-galactosyl residues of polysaccharides and glycoproteins. Woah, right? Yes, the science behind these seeds as a potential health remedy is quite complex. The notion that there is no scholarly studies on these types of herbal supplements and their benefits is simply incorrect.

Sense serotonin is a precursor to melatonin, it makes sense that this supplement can be used as a sleep aid as well. Melatonin is another chemical made in the body. It's used to regulate human Circadian Rhythms. Circadian Rhythms are our cycles of wake and sleep. Thus, melatonin is required to fall asleep. Griffonia seed may provide your body with the much bio-chemical building-blocks required to optimize your hormone levels! The Ancient Of Days if the OG Chemist, and the one true phytochemist.

Culinary Potential

Griffonia seeds have a strong and sweet aroma that smells just like garlic. I imagine FRESH would be best for cooking, and potency as well. This scent and flavor may make them useful in the culinary arts. Just use them in place of garlic, or in combination with it to compliment its flavor. It will also boost tryptophan levels in your cooking, maybe, or something.. Another option for using the seeds is in tincture form, or infused tinctures. I would be interested in their using in cooking dishes which make use of onions as well. I have a friend who improvising in this department. I will try a pinch of the powdered seed in some soup or something. Imo this stuff has a pungent smell. Check out another plant called Cowage.


A tincture is a form of holistic medicine where the plant material is soaked in high proof alcohol, preferably everclear ( at least 75% alc ) for a minimum duration of one month. It's to be stored in a cool dark place. Darkness is essential because light can damage or destroy some phytochemicals, as can higher temperatures. Tinctures have a very long shelf life. They also ensure that both polar and non-polar constituents are extracted. You can even evaporate some of most of the extract to concentrate it further.

Alternative medicine generally works on the principle of symbiosis. This basically means that plants which compliment each other are used in combination. When it comes to Griffonia Simplicifolia Seeds, I think Ginger root and black pepper are the perfect combination. The reason why is Ginger root has been used all throughout history to aid in digestion. Black pepper contains piperine, which has been shown to make the bio-availability of certain phytochemicals more abundant in the digestion process. Thus, my hypothesis is the synergistic combination of these three plants can induce much more potent medicinal applications. Plant pharmacology to me, proves intelligent design.

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