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For anyone who disagrees with my points of view on here, I am sorry. Please respect others rights to free speech though. I will admit and claim that I do express points of view on here, and from time to time my opinios. I try to start statements with phrases such as "potentially", "indicates potential benefits for", "is believed to", etc. This way, no one should really have an excuse to get upset with me or what I proclaim and or repeat. Because that's what I'm doing, relaying information and then discussing my opinion on it. It should make everyone happy and get the information across to its audience ethically. If there are potential hazards involved with the products discussed, please indicate them on your site. there does seem to be a lot of hype and concern over information being presented over the internet. As affiliate marketers, we must be cautious and try to think more a bout what we're telling the world, rather than obsessing over superficial aspects of our webpages.

It's a sad reality that as affiliate marketers, there are scamers and those out there who seek to make money off of us, yet not pay us a dime. Fortunately for you all, I've learned the hard way. I do my best to, and it's a lot of work to at times(very rarely should be), maintain active affiliate programs. The reason why is once and a while something happens. For example, things stay stable, and you don't have to constantly replace ad codes, but at times thing change either because you're not getting paid, or a shop goes out of business. For example, a company that used to offer affiliate marketing named "Bouncing Bear Botanicals", went out of business. It's a long story and you can read about it via the highlighted link in the last sentence. I just wanted to use it as an example. Especially if you advertise Kratom, those shops are under a lot of scrutiny from the FDA potentially, and credit card processors as well. there's a movement to cut those shops off. So I suggest, if you want money and a steady flow of it, to focus on items that you know will remain as not so much targeted. You should at least combine the two so you have a backup plan.

Blackhat Negative SEO Defense

Another aspect you want to consider when creating your affiliate marketing website, is that black-hat methods exist out there and you may need to send disavow reports to Google and Bing. You need to make use of Google Webmasters tools and possibly even use a service such as seobility, which offers free and paid services, or monitorbacklniks.com to counteract these negative SEO black-hat tactics. There are malicious people in the world, and unforunately, It's a cut throat world so to speak, and there are "cut throat" financial markets out there as well. You never know if it's a competitor that wants to take your rank down or who. They use sneaky black-hat tactics which trick search engine algorithms into lowering your ranking. you must understand that your backlink profile counts. Backlinks are essnetially links from other websites to yours, via an a href html URL Syntax.

Ranking Your Affiliate Marketing Site In Google

Google judges your html files and content by what they, and its users preceive as quality web-design, which emphasizes on quality content. Take that literally and understand that you must apply it for success. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scehem, and fly by night success. You may or may not make a lot of money with it but who knows, maybe you will. Not everyone gets big on it and I definitely haven't. You will make connections though and have the potential to make cash. If you have typing skills, are very creative, fluent, and driven, and love computers, html code, php, etc, then man is this the thing for you. I don't code php or javascript or anything but I do in some other languages but I digress.. You don't have to be the best with code or web-design, you just have to be effective with your words, and with your presentation. Almost most importantly, is who you choose to represent. Whether or not you're dealing with a scammer, or crooked company that doesn't want to pay you, but wants you to pay them with your services and advertising, is crucial to detect. Sometimes affiliate program software is defective, and you don't get credited. I will provide you with a list below of affiliate programs that work, and shareasale which I highly suggest and recently joined.

Other than that, you need to research keywords, title tags, avoiding plagiarism(be original), light weight file sizes, and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). A lot of people suggest wordpress for non-coders. I won't get into either of those in this particular blog because it's my LEAST favorite aspect of doing this whole internet content thing. You gotta do it though, and it's not that it's that awful, it's that it's just old to me. Also note to Google, I'm improving the sight please don't punish my ranking. I have a lot of work to do on this actually. Following what I tell you will get your rank to climb as well. There were a lot of algorithm updates over the last few years, and things have really changed. Google is cranking down on quality content. While this website has some, there are really old pages I haven't touched in years with poor content, and those are the one that suffer in the engines. Sometimes I also gotta go back and fix something I've said as I feel I may have gone over board or, need to just tweak it or correct a spelling or gramahtical error. I'm also adding further citations and obviously, more and thorough content. I apologize for the run on, it worked tho didn't it? Thanks guys.

Please feel free to support my site by shopping from the great vendors or shops that I promote. It would really help me out. Also, If you need to reach out, Webmaster@botanicalGuides.com. Finally, you can subscribe to my newsletter which I rarely use for now, but that's ok. I will use it eventually. I don't write newsletters about SEO and affiliate marketing yet, as of March 2020, but may down the road. The content of this site mostly revolves around herbal supplements and informaiton surrounding them and their history, as well as ethnobotanicals, which are essentially the same thing. Ethnobotanicals are plants which are prized by people for any reason what-so-ever. You can learn a lot about them on this website, which is larger by number of plants than erowid.org. I think that's just really cool. Thanks for stopping by!

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