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A Few Great Examples: Echinacea, Pau 'Darco, Frankincense, Myrrh, Passion Flower, Kratom, Kava Kava.

Purple Cone Flower

The first time I started to really believe in this healing plant was many years ago when I had an incident with food poison. I went to an UN-disclosed location in my home town to grab a bite to eat. Later on that evening I starting feeling very ill. I was very ill for hours, having hot and cold flashes, vomiting, and an intense fever and headache, and a general feeling of misery. It was the worst kind of sick I had ever encountered in my life, much worse than the flu or common cold.

Finally, hours later that evening a friend of mine stopped by, one that had the same bout with food poisoning from the same location. I was handed a green tea drink from the local gas station. This green tea blend had echinacea root from both the purpurea and angustifolia species. Around twenty minutes later, after slamming the drink a feeling of nausea was setting in hard. I fought this feeling as long as I could. Finally, I wasn't able to hold it any longer. I finally threw up one last time and after that I was all better. A huge weight was lifted and I felt like I was finally beginning to recover after about eight hours of misery. The symptoms of illness has completely stopped. After this experience, I was a believer in Echinacea. I know from experience that this plant works.

tabebuia impetiginosa bark

I use Pau 'Darco bark in decoctions that I make at home. As a general rule of thumb, decoctions are made using barks and roots. I find that cooking the Pau' Darco in some nice clean fluoride free water on a stove-top set to simmer(or 1) works best. I cook the bark for an hour minimum. To me this seems to preserve the potency of the root, making it a more effective natural medicine. In other words, I try to avoid exposing the plant material to extreme heat.

I've used this bark to treat myself from the common cold, flu, toothaches, and general illness, yet I can't make a medical claim that this is true due to legality issues. As far as dosages go for myself I drink small cups of it 3-4 times a day until I feel better ( usually can get over the illness in 3 days max ). Use of this root seems to decline in effectiveness after a six-ten day period. So, I always mark my calender and never exceed 6-10 days of use. It goes great in home-made mouth wash recipes. Mixing Echinacea, Pau' Darco, Myrhh and Frankincense makes the worlds best mouth cleanser in my opinion.

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comminphora myrrha

When I first discovered that Myrrh had pain relieving properties I was blown away. To this day, I choose Myrrh, Kratom, and Chamomile for anything pain related. Chamomile I use more for headaches that I rarely get. We are all human though and from time to time in this life, our brains do tend to ache. The key I think, is to avoid them in the first place(prevention). Never the less, when your head hurts you want relief. One to two drops of Myrrh resin in some cold water can be allowed to sit over-night. To me, this is one dose. I also find it to be a very pleasant entheogenic buzz that lifts mood and an over-all sense of well-being.

boswellia carteria frankincense

Burning Frankincense has brought me many comforting moments, seems to have a calming effect, and I find useful for inhibiting coritsol and related emotions that cause the flow of cortisol, and there is science behind this. The amount of scientific inquiry and impressive results found from the research in regards to frankincense and its medicinal qualities is mind blowing. I find the smoke to be mildly intoxicating. The burning smoke is welcome to any room in my house. It has also been used with meditation and is very popular in Saudi Arabian culture, and many others.

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Passion Flower
Bag Of Passion Flower Herb

Passion Flower is a great herb for relaxing. The effects are sedative and even have a stimulating effect on dreams I have noticed. Every once in a while I'll have a cup of Passion Flower tea before bed. These nights are filled with the most amazing and colorfully vivid dreams of my life. It' very relaxing and rewarding to drink a cup of Passion Flower tea. Just make sure you are not on any type of medications that interact with MAOI's because this herb is an MAOI.

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