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Damiana Herb

Damiana is one of the most interesting Aphrodisiacs I have ever encountered.. It's also a psychoactive with effects far beyond any sort of "placebo effect". Dosage is very important with Damiana. Too high of a dosage can induce un-wanted side effects and also may have a powerful laxitive effect. The effects are a tingly, giddy sensation that fills the entire body. One may feel slightly more "full of life" while visuals also become enhanced. On top of this, it gives both men and women the frisky desire to make love.

I'd like to make it perfectly clear that while this plant is a natural psychoactive substance, it is not laced with any synthetics or research chemicals. Damiana produces it's own chemicals like many others. These chemicals are naturally occuring pharmacological wonders of nature. Damiana is clean, no synthetics. Nothing that I promote on this website contains anything synthetic or un-natural, PERIOD. If you still don't believe that plants produce pharmacological chemicals then take a look at some scholarly sources for yourself.

Dandelion Plant!

Many people view Dandelions as just an annoying weed that takes over landscapes. What these people do not realize with this faulty way of thinking is that Dandelions are a very valuable plant. This is because it's a valuable asset to the earths biological structure as well as a gold mine of pharmacological constituents. The herb itself converts water, co2, and the suns energy into complex organic compounds. During this process, it also caries out beneficial processes to the earths biological structure. Read more about the Dandelion herb.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is an herbal remedy that is most commonly used in the form of a decoction. Decoctions are most often used with any natural remedy that involves the use of barks, or roots. The roots or bark are boiled from 8-10 minutes. Some people prefer to boil their decoction for a munch longer period. Dong Quai is most used as a uterine tonic, to reduce menstrual pain and other symptoms of menopause. It's used to relieve pain from neuralgia, poor circulation and arthritis as well. Read more about Dong Quai.

Dragons Blood
Dragons Blood Incense

Dragons Blood is the resin from a tree. It's a natural incense that has many historic beliefs surrounding it. It has been used in religious ceremonies by many different cultures just like Frankincense, Myrrh, and many others. Read More

Dream Dictionary
Tony Crisp Book on Dreams

The Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp is a must have for beginner Oneironauts. Oneironauts are explorers of the dream world. They are ordinary people who have made it a mission to embrace, recall, document, and interpret the meaning of their dreams. Dreams have powerful messages that originate from the unconscious and subconscious mind. They are sources of wisdom from your higher self. The term oneirogen refers to any plant or substance that induces more vivid, prophetic, and lucid dreams.

Dream Herb
Dream Herb

The name says it all for this one. Dream herb is an oneirogen. Oneirogens are plants or substances that induce more vivid, prophetic, and lucid dreams. They also help with the recollection of dreams which is very important for those who seek to interpret and become lucid. Start by keeping a dream journal and writing down everything you remember within the dream. Keep doing this every day and it will become more and more easy. Dream Herb itself can greatly help with the remembrance of your dreams as well as the vivid clarity that you remember. It's also very important to remove fluoride from your lifestyle.

Grey Area Ethnobotanicals For Sale!
Grey Area Ethnobotanicals For Sale By The Kilo(s)!

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