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Dream Dictionary ( Tony Crisp )
tony crisp dream dictionary
A dream dictionary may seem unrelated to herbal medicine but this is not the case. A large number of plants are known as what's referred to as "oneirogens". This means that they have been utilized to enhance dreams or the memory of them. The book is based on the psychological concept of a collective unconscious and studies.

Cannabis In "Kaori Shichimi"
Cannabis has been utilized in mixtures for centuries. Many cultures found it was the main active ingredient in powerful medicinal concoctions. Learn more about the Japanese Kaori Shichimi here!

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Buy Bulk Organic Herbs & Ethnobotanicals A-Z

Self Healing With Medicinal Plants

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                For fully detailed information on a specific herb, click the title at the top of the paragraph. These healing tools have helped me tremendously along the way in my journey of life. They have brought me many blessed moments.

Echinacea angustifolia Root

Click the title above the summaries to learn more.

          Echinacea is a powerful immune boosting herb. Researchers have now discovered that this herb literally works with the human endocannabinoid system. It's a great tool for detoxification and healing infections. Echinacea purifies the blood stream. It should only be consumed for a certain period of time. I use it for no more than ten days. Learn more

Echinacea Purpurea

          This is yet another strain of Echinacea used to stimulate the immune system and fight off infections. It's one of the most researched herbal remedies on the planet. From my experience with alternative healing, this is one of the most effective remedies out there. It's also a great addition to any infusion designed to fight off infections and detox the body. Learn more

Edible Lime Calcium Hydroxide

          Calcium Hydroxide can be fatal if consumed. It's quite in demand and has many purposes. It's not intended to be used in any illegal manner. Some people find it useful for making extracts. Of course, you must know what you're doing. Learn more

Elephant Head Pedicularis grandiflora

          This is a close relative of the Indian Warrior entheogen. This plant produces intoxicating buds that have muscle relaxing effects accompanied with euphoria. It's a staple tool among alternative healing practitioners. Extracts of this really cool entheogen are available. Learn more

Erythrina mulungu - Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Sedation.

This Mulungu stuff is growing in popularity very quickly. That's because its considered an alternative to Kratom. It really does speak for itself, and the applications that its been used for indicate its power. Read much more about Mulungu here.

Erythroxylum catuaba

           Catuaba bark is not controlled in the united states. It's closely related to the Cocaine plant, also known as erythroxylum coca, which decocanized leaves of are available legally in the United States. Catuaba has a wide range of medicinal qualities and offers some unique phytochemicals which are really cool.Learn much more about Erythroxylum catuaba here!

Eucalyptus globulus

          Eucalyptus is used in Aromatherapy and alternative healing. It must be used properly or it can be dangerous. It's one of many healing tools that is useful when applying the ArndtSchulz rule. This medical law states that any poison in a dilute enough dosage has effects that are beneficial for life processes. In other words, any poison is a medicine in small enough doses. Almost any medicine can be a poison in sufficient dosage or duration as well. Learn more

Items and statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any ailments, conditions, or diseases. Consult your healthcare provider before use. Research precautions, interactions, side effects, dosages, etc. Disclaimer.

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Certain statements on certain pages may be of my own opinion, observation, conclusions, etc. Certain facts may be refereced to Wikipedia, and might also common knowledge. I have chosen to list them as a source regardless. No one associated with Wikipedia endorses me or my work.

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