Herbal Remedies That Start With H

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed literally contains everything the human body requires. It's the ultimate "multi-vitamin". How incredible is that? This makes me want to cook my french fries in the stuff. Now that's a healthy choice! While this blogpost is specifically about hemp seed and its scientifically noted potential, Hemp itself has reached a whole new level of LEGAL in the United States. A whole new array of Hemp based products are coming out on the market, and we've only yet to see what creative minds will produce! Consider your safety when dealing with these new Hemp products, beause there are fake and adulterated ones out there which are dangerous because of toxic solvents residual leftovers and possible synthetic knock off chemicals as well as other potential contaminants, due to bad actors producing it improperly, and not following the safety procedures by trying to free-base stuff... Make sure your vendor is legit, and look for people who practice the culinary arts, rather than chemistry. I spoke with a Lab that test for the stuff the other day, and they suggest MoonWlkr brand ( Guys I don't even know for sure that it really was a lab, I found the number on a website online could have been anyone.. They're vapes are strange and make me sneeze. ) I do too, as their stuff is amazing. Thank GOD for Hemp! There are things you need to know to be safe though! I put together a Hemp Safety Guide For New Consumers here!

Herbs For Sleep Problems

Check out my list of herbs for insomnia, which tend to be of a sedative nature. They are very commonly under-rated by the unknowing, and have played a key role in the significant shaping of many cultures and there well-being and survival sense the dawn of human kind. There is a time and a place for stimulation and sedation, and a true herbalists understands this. A true PHYSICIAN understands this. Most importantly, they understand that Jah is the one who creates medicine I quote books on this site written by doctors with PHD's who cite science that whether the scientist agree or not, their findings agree. They produce complex phytochemicals, which are naturally occuring pharmacologically active components of the plants material and matter. See citations throughout this site to learn more about the field of study.

Herbs for sore throat, sinus congestion, and respiratory health!
herbs for sore throat

These plants typically include species which naturally produce and are high in a phytochemical constituent known as mucilage. They are among some of my favorites in herbalism. There are others though, which produce their own useful phytochemicals for such a situation ( according to herbalists ), such as Menthol from the Mint species and its many strains, and many other known botanical based constituents. All of these naturally produced chemicals are crafted by a genetic code that holds the key to their creation. The substances produced in these plants ( the oils, etc ) are manufactured in nature as designed by Jah, using complex systems of symbiotic resource sharing, and an ever so impressive system of reproductive sustainabililty.. so beautifully complex and compassionate, that it only instinctively insinuates the notion of the existence of a "God" component to reality and life on our temporary home called Earth.. at least, that's what I see. It's my interpretation of the science and what it suggest. Perhaps, they are like another type of food? Please don't wage war on my plants. I want them. God gave man every seed bearing herb, see Genesis

Hops - A Relative Of Cannabis
hops plant

         Hops is used in infusions for dealing with insomnia, anxiety, and some other ailments that Cannabis is considered good for. It has many so many medicinal properties that I can't fit them all into this short preview section.. The plant is closely related to Cannabis (Marijuana) and even has a similar aroma. While it does not contain THC, it has many other pharmacological alkaloids. In general, it's a calming sedative. Personally, I feel like I could make some better products than a lot of these guys.. I have a good thumb for blending. I think Hops, Echinacea and Cannabis/Hemp products should be a thing because they blend endocannabinoidically (if that's not a word, it is now lol )... I never find something for sale, a product or drink, etc, that I personally, would SPECIFICALLY think to create, but I have an ETSY now, and it's expanding with new stuff, so check it out. Discover More about Hops here

Horsetail Equisetum arvense
horsetail plant

         Horsetail is a well known medicinal plant that's use dates back centuries. The herbs used as a diuretic, a sedative, and anti-convulsant. This means that its medicinal properties stimulate the production of urine, help calm the patient, and suppress convulsion-like responses. It also cleanses the bladder from threatening bacteria. Horsetail is also rich in potassium, and calcium, making it useful for those lacking in those as well. Looking at the picture really takes me back. Oh what a photo can do for ones production and recollection of memories and internal emotions...Continue reading..

How to use herbal medicine by herbalists

This is a guide I put together on how herbalist view herbal medicine and how I think it's done properly. Remember always consult with a Doctor first... What better Doc than he who created you? Psalm 91:3 NASB By Zondervan "For it is HE who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence." Unlike the God haters who refuse to acknowledge Jah, you should acknowledge him and his creation and intelligent design. Also keep in mind that this website is always under construction. It's been going strong sense 2010-11ish, and is forever under construction. Website's are never really finished. They evolve, grow, and change over time. It's a work in progress! Don't forget to check out the cool links to other blogs and botanicals on the bottom of every page on this site. The webpage is put together to make it easy to navigate. At the top, middle, and bottom of every page, mobile of desktop, one can navigate to any part of my site. This is SEO.

How To Use Kratom
kratom for sale

Kratom is something people take for pain instead of pills and use for recreational energy, mood, socially like alcohol in a way, etc. It's from south east Asia. The stuff is pretty incredible and there have even been attempts by the FDA to put an end to it, even tho that idea is unconstitutional. I will avoid getting over political here, but you know how to contact the American Kratom Association. Always consult with your healthcare provider before use. I promote some books on here, but you should still talk with a doc first as they say. The God haters are really upset this time, as everyone is catching on that a leaf can do the same thing your Lortab's can. Stay current and participate in politics and your democracy Let the American Kratom Association know that you DO NOT WANT POTENCY LIMITATIONS ON KRATOM - THAT WOULD RENDER A PROHIBITION ON KRATOM AND WE DON'T WANT THAT, MAKING 99% OF THE PRODUCT ILLEGAL DUE TO POTENCY VIOLATIONS -> Contact them @ AmericanKratom.org and let them know, and better yet, go JOIN THEM so you can be that influence that prevents potency limits ( similar to THC CAPS in Florida ) Also pray and ask God to fight this battle and win it for us all. Do what he wants you to do also.

Hydroponics vs Soil growing explained!

What is hydroponics exactly? How does it differ from soil growing? Which is better? How does one get started with hydroponics? What are the perks of both forms of growing. Learn more in this detailed blog post by me. On a really cool episode of "strain hunters", ( A cannabis seed hunting show on YouTube by professionals from the Netherlands ), it's shown how the locals could grow hydroponically using wild river paths. The roots would remain in water 24/7, and would thrive. This can be done my friends. In fact, you can make your own hydroponic contraption from stuff around the house, DIY. If you're a handy man, or know one, especially if you have supplies, it won't be hard. A water pump is required. It will be high maintinance, but it's a cool experience. It's perfect for something like watermelons, hints the name, they can literally sit in water in nature. They just "roll like that", ya feel me? Make sure to use organic compost tea style hydroponics instead of nasty chemiacal fertilizers! You are what you eat, and your plants are what you feed them.

Hoodia gordonii
hoodia cactus

         Herbalist use it for treating indigestion, small infections, and to assist an individual in losing weight. It's very popular in South Africa, as are many other natural remedies. It's also loaded with vitamins and minerals adding to its medicinal properties. It should be consumed with adequate amounts of water. What makes it stand out from typical herbs, is that it's actually a cactus. I remember first learning about this stuff through Bouncing Bear back in the day. The noticability of these botanical products have never ceased to amaze me over the years. I try to be as transparent about the good and the bad as possible here on BG, and cite sources like some sort of "mad sorce hatter".(mwahaha) There's no doubt however, that you will in fact learn about some interesting plants that you'll never forget for the rest of your life, just surfing these exciting and informative pages here at Botanical GUIDES dot com. Reward me with a sale, via the banner ads ;) Read More!

hyssop herb

         Hyssop has a lot of beneficial phytochemicals and properties. It's use for digestive complaints, liver and gallbladder conditions, intestinal pain, colic and loss of appetite. The herb has expectorant properties. This means that it's good for respiratory ailments such as coughs, the common cold, infections, sore throat, and asthma. This makes it a lot like Great Mullein, and Coltsfoot It's another one of those more mysterious type plants on my radar anyway. It's been in the database here on Botanical Guides for as long as this site's been online (2010/11ish), and the page hasn't been worked on too much over the years. People who are fans of it use it religiously, this I have learned. I enjoy adding newly learned information, and updating pictures on the website here. You can expect this site to grow as time marches forward, and to see new and exiciting pictures, information, and even links maybe. Find out much more about Hyssop here.

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