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Psyllium contains mucilage and other beneficial phytochemicals. The drug companies have most likely capitolised on this. I believe this because there happens to be a non-prescription drug called "Mucinex" thats used for all the same things that mucilage containing botanicals are used for, and the name sounds all too similar. It has some scientific inquiry and an entire branch of chemistry to indicate its effectiveness as well. Learn more here!

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Prickly Poppy ( Prickly Pear ) Aremon mexicana
buy prickly pear supplement

The Prickly Poppy is prized by Native Americans. It was traditionally used to treat pain, and offers many other medicinal properties according to research. Back in the day before man made immitations that induced ill side effects, nature was the only way. There's a lot more to these little known cacti though, and you'll enjoy what you find out about them here. Read more about the Prickly Pear here.

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Plants That Contain Caffeine
wikipedia caffeine plants

This is an excellent article on some plants you've probably never heard of which contain caffeine. The different chemical makeup of each one of these makes them unique in their own way. Not to mention, different species means different medicinal qualities. Just don't over do it with this stuff and fry your adrenal glands please. Read the article here!

Plant Intelligence DNA Phytochemicals
wormwood for sale

This is an article I wrote on naturally occuring intelligence, DNA, and phytochemicals. It discusses the correlation between all of the above. If you are at all interested in naturally occuring compounds in the body, food, or botanical life, then you may learn a thing or two from this writing. I hope you do at least. :) Read the article here.

Pine Tree; Pinus elliottii
pine trees

Pine trees, believe it or not, have been researched by phytochemist. The Native Americans use them for the following: Acne, Anemia, Boils, Burns, Chicken Pox, Colds, as a Deodorant, Fevers, the Flu, Gangrene, Hives, Impetigo, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Respiratory Ailments, Ulcers, and Vitamin Deficiencies. Read more about it here.

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Peruvian Torch Cactus
peruvian torch cactus seeds for sale

The Peruvian torch originates from Peru, hints the name. It's very closely related to San Pedro ( and Peyote ), and is grown and adored by cactus enthusiast around the world. People interested in San Pedro, are also interested in the Peruvian Torch. Read more about it here.

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buy periwinkle herb

This plant is a natural source of a chemical that can be synthesized into "vinpocetine". Vinpocetine is used as an alternative method for treating aging minds. It was first isolated from the Periwinkle in 1975 by a Hungarian chemist named Csaba Szántay. This makes me very interested in the stuff. I notice there are so many awesome botanicals out there that are not mainstream and I intend to increase their popularity through this project. Read more about Periwinkle here.

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buy pennyroyal herb

Pennyroyal is a member of the Mint family. It's my observation of the years while researching and writing that the Mint family is loaded with different herbs which are useful for different things. The ancient Greeks and Romans used Pennyroyal as a common culinary herb. It was also mixed in with wine for its flavor. It's typically prepared in the form of a tea, or combined into infusions. It has other medicinal applications. Read more about Pennyroyal here.

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buy kratom
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buy peppermint

Peppermint is a natural source of Menthol. It's used to flavor candies, in cough drops and other over-the-counter medicines, as an additive in cigarettes, and even in vicks vapo-rub. It has medicinal qualities and is beneficial for the stomach and GI tract. You can actually buy pure menthol crystals. I'm shocked they are still legal, along with plenty of other things, yet grateful. Read more about it here.

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Paudarco; Tabebuia impetiginosa
buy paudarco tabebuia impetiginosa

Paudarco is mentioned in many medicinal text. It's considered a general healing herb, being good for the immune system, detoxification, etc. There is evidence that it may be effective against cancer as well. I used to smoke two packs of cigs a day and they made me feel very ill. The addiction was hard to beat but with the use of Pau'darco, I was able to counteract all of the ill feelings that smoking gave me. I could literally feel it cleansing my body and nourishing my biology. Read more about Paudarco here.

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Patchouli leaf
patchouli herb for sale

It's a very popular ingredient in incense throughout Asia. It's also said to be a powerful antidote for venomous snakebites. In ancient Chinese medicine it's used to treat headaches, colds, nausea, and abdominal pain. Some people say it smells like hippie. To me, it's very similar to Echinacea and Paudarco. I use it in the same way I do those, for general illness. It's mentioned in a lot of good books with academic sources listed in the back as a powerful medicine backed by phytochemical sciences. Read more about Patchouli here.

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Passion flower; Passiflora incarnata
buy passion flower herb

Passion flower is a gem to Native Americans, and me too. It contains phytochemicals of the harmala family, and passiflorine. This means that it shares the same active MAOI alkaloids as Ayahuasca vine, only not as much. I don't use every single item on this website but Passion Flower is something I always have on hand. It's calming and has been used for centuries to ease anxiety. Cannabis users will tell you it goes great with a spliff. The constituents also enhance the absorption and effects of other psychoactive substances. Use caution and do your research though before mixing it with anything! Read more about Passion flower here.

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papaya leaf

Papaya leaf contains more vitamin c than the fruit itself! It contains other pharmacological phytochemicals as well. It's poping up in more and more herbal infusions and different products on the market as people catch on to how awesome it is. Read more about Papaya leaf here.

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Panther Amanita Mushrooms
buy panther amanita mushrooms 

Pantherina mushrooms are a form of Amanitas, related to the Fly agaric strain. The active alkaloid muscimol is an oneirogen. Great caution must be used with these mushrooms. They are however, a major interest to ethnobotanist, and phytochemist. They're hard to find for sale these days. Credit card processors cut off anyone who sells them, among other things like Kratom. Learn much more about Panther amanitas here.

Palo santo
buy palo santo

Palo Santo is a natural incense, and has been used in Ayahuasca ceremonies by Shamans. It's often been referred to as "holy wood". This of course is a reference to its sacredness as a plant ally amongst different types of more primitive cultures (in terms of techolnogy), etc, and not a reference to my monster. These cultures are more advanced in their minds than the typical western "normie", as I call them. Learn more about Palo Santo here!

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Parrots Beak Leaf and Flower; Pedicularis racemosa
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