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         This article is dedicated to herbs which are said to be beneficial for the brain. These plants can be thought of as natural nootropics. A nootropic is anything which is believed to enhance cognitive functions. I wanted to provide the public with a list of some of the less commonly suggested herbs for the brain. They are the best of the best from my experiences.

Golden Root - Rhodiola rosea
Golden root

Golden Root enhances the function of Mitochondria according to some studies. It helps the body adapt to stress, being an adaptogen. Finally, it has a well known reputation as a nootropic, believed to improve and enhance cognitive function. You don't hear about it as much as some other common herbs, but I find it to be more beneficial in my experience than most. This inspired me to mention it on this page. Read more about Golden Root Here.

Intellect Tree - Celastrus paniculatus
intellect tree Celastrus paniculatus

Intellect Tree is very similar to Ginkgo Biloba in the respect that people use it because its been traditionally used by herbalist for improving memory. It has far less interactions that than of Ginkgo Biloba. The oil of the plant is the most prized method of use by its native cultures. Generally, people only report having to use around 5-9 drops of the oil at a time. I've personally found the results to be astounding. Read more about Intellect Tree here.

Cowage - Mucuna pruriens
Cowage plant mucuna pruriens

Cowage is a very fascinating plant. It literally contains the neurochemical Serotonin. It also contains a precursor to dopamine called Lev-Dopa, or l-dopa. There are small amounts of nicotine in the seeds, which are said to demonstrate nootropic properties. Having said all of this, you can see how this plant is thought to be good for fueling the brain. Cowage is defiantly blowing up in popularity in the western world. I find this to be no surprise. Read more about Cowage here.

Kratom - Mitragyna speciosa
Lab Tested Kratom!

Kratom is considered a natural nootropic. In the regions of the world where this plant is native, people use it to help them get work done. It contains no caffeine but is in the same plant family as Coffee. It's a stimulant, inducing intense states of motivation, vitality, and focus. It produces alkaloids which effect the opiate system in the human body as well. All in all, it's far more powerful than caffeine containing plants, yet without the caffeine. Read more about Kratom here.

Pine - Pinus elliottii
Pine trees in Florida

This is one that requires someone very knowledgeable about natural healing. Some people have allergies to Pine, which is another reason I mention this. The reason I decided to put it on this page is because of its neuroprotective properties. It produces some complex phytochemicals which demonstrate these properties. The alkaloids in the plant also demonstrate anti-inflammatory properties, protection against free radicals and oxidative damage, and cardiovascular benefits. Read more about Pine here.

Of course, there are many other herbs for the brain. These are some of my favorites and in my experience, the most effective. Feel free to browse this website for more great information.

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