Note: Yes the website is called "Botanical Guides". I do like to write about related topics. Lucid dreaming is related to ethnobotany in the sense that certain ethnobotanicals have been used to help induce lucid, vivid and even prophetic dreams[oneirogens]. Botanicals, and Lucid Dreaming are both used by individuals who are seeking biological evolution and optimization. This page incorporates the use of oneirogenic plants and psychological self-exploration.

Why is it important to take control of your own mind? Well, if you don't own your own mind, others will likely find ways to do so. We live in a world filled with deception and manipulation. There are a lot more forces at work on your mind than you yourself are aware of. Advertisers, crooked politicians, and the rest of the diabolical world has found ways to plant suggestions, ideas, and behaviors into the minds of the masses. Living a life of consistent lucidity can free your mind of such influences, and enable a kinder, happier life for all of us. Learning about and practicing lucid dreaming will prove to you once and for all that you are capable of being subconsciously influenced.

Our Minds Absorb Information

When I first began lucid dreaming, I discovered that things I encountered throughout the day often had an impact on my dreams. This to me was a realistic form of proof that I could not deny. I noticed that if I watched a certain TV show enough, the characters from those shows would then enter my dreams. This was conclusive proof to me that my mind could be influenced by others, and especially TV. If a make believe character could come to life in my minds eye while I'm sleeping, then what else has been planted into my unconscious, and subconscious, without my permission or knowledge? So it's this idea that you can plant into your own mind ideas, that is the basis for incubation. The best part if your'e doing it to yourself, so you know there's no funny business.

Programming Your Unconscious Mind

I found this realization very exciting and even empowering. I figured coupling it with dreaming could be even more rewarding! With the mind-set of being my own scientist to my own life, I decided to utilize this information to my advantage by applying it to my lucidity practices. I would then make it a mission to incubate or "program" and plant my own suggestions into my unconscious mind. The first thing I began to practice was a basic technique which works by creating memories that I like to call, "dream indicators". This works by utilizing the ability to remember. By using repetition you then wire an idea into your mind. This is the same way we all learned our alphabet. These dream indicators will present their selves to you while you are sleeping. It will take time, practice, and consistency for success. These "indicators" will allow you to become lucid in your dreams.

My first dream indicator project used nothing but a stack of post-it notes and a pen. I would then write on each one of the post-it notes a message to my unconscious mind. The message read, "Note to self: check to see if you're dreaming!!" By writing this over and over, a memory is created. These memories will eventually appear in your dreams. You can use other objects too. Any object that you can associate with the idea "hello, you're dreaming!" will work. When you see the object, you ask yourself the question, "am I dreaming?" and thus the object becomes a tool to program neuropathways ( memories ) into your mind. The perfect object is your pillow! If you're walking around with a pillow under your arms in certain situations, you should start to put the pieces together and realize that you ARE in a dream. Certain plants and seeds have been used in oneirogenic ways throughout history. Some believe them to enhance their vividness and or memory. One such botanical is the African Dream Herb.

Be creative with this. There is no limit to how far this method can go. I also like to keep a dream neuropathway book. This book is separate from my dream journal. Its sole purpose is to create neuropathways to influence my dreams. This has often been referred to as "incubation". Over time, you can help design your own dreams like an artist with a paint brush. Is there something you would like to learn about yourself? Write the question down in your neuropathway notebook. Write the question and follow it with an affirmation statement like, "Tonight I will find my answer". Go over these neuropathway statements a few times every night and every morning to wire them into your brain. You could go further with it and meditate on it. There's some cool technology out there to help with meditation and to make it fun. Check out a device by Mindplace called "Procyon AVS Sound Meditation Mind Machine", because it will BLOW YOUR MIND!

In your progression towards waking and sleeping lucidity, you will be more familiar with subliminal messages aimed towards your various levels of consciousness. You will gain the ability to effectively recognize these mental manipulation attemps while they are taking place. You will grow stronger mentally and physically. You will own your brain. No one else will be allowed to influence you. Welcome to lucidity, welcome to freedom. Note: Related items can be found at the very bottom of the page, including other blogs, academic organizations and references, etc. I try to make this a very important and evolutionary website.

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