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       This is a rare botanical indeed. The Kola Nut comes from a tree native to African rain forest. Did you know that Kola Nut was used in one of the worlds most popular psychoactive infusions? I'm referring of course to Coca Cola. The combination of this nut, and coca leaves, made for one heck of a stimulating drink back in the day. This was first done in the 1800's when a pharmacist in Georgia named John Pemberton took some extracts from the Kola nut and used them to produce the soft drink Coca Cola. (sounds like some shamanic or indian practice) Today, Coca cola is much different, and due to legal restrictions, the authorities will no longer allow any use of the coca leaf extracts ( they contained cocaine back then ), resulting in more problems for society.

This is just one example of how society used to be a lot cooler, before this "prohibition epidemic", as I like to call it. We know for a fact that certain substances are harmless when embraced by society as a whole. Marijuana alone was used by all walks of life dating back to Adam and Eve, and the Dinosaurs probably ate the stuff too.. It's also a fact that God made the coca plant and the cocaine that exist in it, yet probably not to be turned into crack lol Yet there seems to be this move away from natural substances, to synthetic ones.. Are we being herded into a synthetic lifestyle? If so this is not good. I speculate that the usefulness of plants in general, such as Kola and many others, is being suppressed by main-stream sources. The reason being is that the science behind them reveals the NEED for these botanicals in our daily lives. We use them everyday and don't even know it! Always stand up for substance freedom, as long as the substance is natural and not deadly.

I think the reasons they targeted Kola nut and "Coke", were financial.. It was another natural treat that got in the way of pharmaceutical business, and potentially exposed its secret. Phytochemical science teaches us that plants have medicinal qualities due to their pharmacological chemical constituents. This may be the reason in which this information isn't readily acknowledge by our main-stream culture in the west. Another example of a psychoactive plant that used to be used in legal everyday products designed for human consumption is the Sasafras root also known as "sass". It was used in the original root beer. With these facts in mind, we can see how Kola and others were and still are a huge deal when it comes to money, industry, and phytochemical science.

Kola Nut is actually quite a powerful stimulant on its own. Perhaps its name is where the title "cola" came from in the first place, in reference to the soda, or "pop" as it's called up north. This plant is in the same family as the tree used in the mass production of Chocolate. The good news is Kola nut is legal. The bad news is the historic recipie that made Coca Cola so much fun to drink finally came to an end in the year 1904 by a number of party-poopers in Washington. Could it be that legal Marijuana, Morphine, Sassafras, Khat, and Kola being used in drinks and recreationally was keeping people happy and off anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety "medications?" See, if people are being made happy by plants, then where is the demand for pharmaceuticals?(pills) This is where constitutional amendment petition forms come in to play. Citizens can ralley up supporters and change the laws. Be careful, traditional cultures used it in an occult fashion. The phrase 'accursed item' comes to mind. Here's a bible verse: Joshua 6:18 “keep yourselves from the accursed thing, lest ye make yourselves accursed”

Where you need to be cautious is, that it was used by certain cultures in divination, which is forbidden in Deuteronomy 18 It's used in traditional religious ceremonies and practices in its native land of Africa. The Kola nut does have a vast history of use as an ethnobotanical, or a "botanical with interest and use of and by human beings". That's another reason I hate to see such entities as the FDA banning the consumption of certain plants.. For one, they approve deadly pills every single day, some of them are even new opioids made from Kratom. Two, America is supposed to be a free country.. Finally, my original point is, that this disrupts the economy for the people of our country, and around the world. In a way, this has devistated the global economy by allowing only drug companies to profit off of plants. It deprives people of free, home-grown alternatives, and forced them to pay out-rageous "medical bills", for drugs that are proven more dangerous than beneficial.

A lot of folks to this day will still get upset and claim that there is no scientific backing behind the use of herbal remedies, supplements, etc, including Kola nut. The thing is though, there's ton of academic journals on the subject. A vast portion of human history revolves around such botanicals and their pharmacology. The United States of America used to be a place you could freely and openly consume whatever plant-extract you wanted, but now they are all mostly illegal! In Germany ( Deustcheland ) HERBLISMS IS USED IN THE MAINSTREAM, INCLUDING HOSPITALS! They actually acknowledge, respect, and utilize an herbalist approach to healing in their health-care system and so should we! Please, start or find petitions and let's get this world back on track. We want health freedom, and we want Kola and Coca back in our soda.

Chemical Constituents Produced By This Plant:

Caffeine (2–3.5%),theobromine (1.0–2.5%),theophylline, phenolics, phlobaphens (kola red), epicatechin, D-catechin, tannic acid, sugar, cellulose, water

It may be interesting to note that theobromine also exist in Chocolate. It seems that plants with similar effects often times contain the same constituents. For example, stimulants such as Kratom also contain many of the same constituents as Chocolate, and Green Tea. Something I've noticed though when doing research, almost every plant has its own unique constituent, which is usually named after the scientific name for the plant. Kola nut is no different, and I hope to see phytochemist look into it even more in the near future. Remember to study the scripture and "abide in the shadow of the Almighty"(Psalms 91:1{NASB}), follow the ten commandments!


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