Lavender is referenced throughout the Bible by the name spikenard, or just "nard", which was the Greek name for lavender.[4] The translations on this page have been made accordingly. Feel free to look into this further via your own research.

Medicinal use: insomnia, nervous stomach, anxiety, diabetes, flatulence, colic, depressive headaches, expectorant, expelling worms, nerves, DNA protection, tranquilizer, blood sugar. [1,2,3] [See Psalms 91:1]

        Lavender is an incredibly aromatic flowering herb that produces what appears to be buds, not unlike that from Cannabis. The buds have miniature flowers growing out of them, as seen in the picture above on the left. They have an appearance that is out of this world! They are far out! There are different varieties of Lavender as well. The plant has many medicinal qualities that I will discuss below. Keep in mind that there are different varieities of Lavender. I will be stocking this in my shop at

The aromatic properties of Lavender are used in the treatment of insomnia, nervous stomach symptoms, and anxiety.[3] In Spain, it's added to teas for treating diabetes and insulin resistance.[3] This sort of treatment has to be done so with precise dosages. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia list this herb as a treatment for flatulence, colic, and depressive headaches, adding to its already impressive list of benefits.[3] It produces terpenes which can be found in certain strains of Cannabis! Lavender is generally a more powerful medicine than most realize.

Some of you may be wondering how this can possibly be. How can a flower work like a medicine? I have a one word answer to offer you, and it's phytochemistry. If you've browsed this website before then you may even be tired of hearing about it. I'll sum it up for the newbies to Botanical Guides. Phytochemistry is the study of the pharmacological alkaloids that plants produce. You would be amazed at how many properties each phytochemical induces according to studies. At the end of the day, the science clearly indicates intelligent design ( God ), but scientist will not admit it. Their luciferian spirit and lust for being praised and playing hero, are so strong, that denial overpowers any attempt at being humble and surrendering to the Most High.

Tinctures can be produced ( aka the oils can be extracted ) by soaking the plant matter in grain alcohol for a minimum of one month. This is called a tincture. Oils can also be isolated and captured using steam distillation also, yet this is a more costly approach, more time consuming, and much more complicated. These methods extract and utilize more constituents than a typical tea preparation. These types of extraction methods are a favorite by professional alternative healers. A Native American chick I know puts it on her pillow. I tried it and man does it ever seem to put you in a mystical mind-state ( a very happy and creative mood ). Understand that in the herbal market, quality varies, and it matters. Potency is what makes the quality, and how it is grown. Look for color, smell, moisture, freshness, organic, and compare products and quality. You want organically grown products, and it is always best to make your own tinctures using grain alcohol. I buy USDA Organic as the quality is unbeatable.

Lots of different cultures have found their own medicinal applications for Lavender. "The Arabs found it to be a useful expectorant. Pilgrims used the seeds to expel worms. Studies indicate that the essential oils of Lavender can reduce the flow of nerve impulses. The Perillyl compound may promote the apoptosis process, thus protecting DNA. If this is not an indication that God loves you, then what is! If a plant can protect DNA, why do they want to mod yoursAnother study suggest its scent alone is just as effective of a tranquilizer as others. Further research indicates that it may lower blood sugar." [ 1 paragraph (Swerdlow 2000 365) ]

These studies related to Lavender and its medicinal qualities are academic. When you take the time to do the research for yourself, you'll notice that people are constantly repeating things they hear that are not true. You'll hear things like, "There is no scientific evidence to support plant based medicine", and other related nonsensical mantras. The truth is most people have simply not taken the time to do the research, so they really wouldn't know. It would be a shame for people to not take advantage of these great medicines in which we have been given.

Non-GMO Organic Lavender; Scientific Name Lavandula officinalis

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