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        Before I get started on Mandrake, I would just like to let you all know this page is for research only, and is meant to reduce harm. I'll tell you straight up never to own, use, be near, or bring in to your home Mandrake, for it is WICKED. This page serves to warn one of the phytochemical science and biblical warnings about this plant. Studies indicate it contains highly toxic and even deadly chemical constituents. The Nazis also had an interest in Mandrake root, in an occultic way, which to me is an immediate turn off and red flag. Red flag means stop and turn around, not slow down and be careful, that's yellow. I am here to warn about this stuff, not to endorse it.

Psychoactive plants are of great interest among ethnobotanist, pharmacological researchers, scientist and "alternative healers", but some are not necessarily safe, nor is the demonic doctrine tied to them!. The enemy uses peoples interest in plants to lure unsuspecting victims into witchcraft using covert doctrine labeled as "shamanic" and other things, in order to train you into idolatry, and to take your eyes off of God and onto these false gods. These plants are to be taken serious and have very real effects on the human mind, and body. Certain ones, when used properly they have shown great promise, but others are often misportrayed with results which are fatal. MANDRAKE should NOT be consumed as it's potentially deadly. It's not of a recreational nature, nor is it something petty like Chamomile. Anything used in a shamanic context is forbidden by the Ancient Of Days. Deuteronomy 18:10-14. Everything about Mandrake is spookey, including the fact that it looks like a creepy baphomet demon. It was used in sorcery and other dark practices, and this is why I warn you against this.

Mandrake has been regarded as poisonous, causing states of delirium, and even death. Regardless of these facts, the root has a very long history of use throughout history sadly. It's a cursed object, don't bring it into your home. The root of Mandragora officinarum is often misrepresented as psychoactive, but it's not a pleasant type of psychoactive that people seek. In appearance, the roots take on almost a human form. It has been used in association with magic in European folklore, thus making it condemned by scripture and again, an abomination which brings bad things to you and yours. I woulnd't even grow this as an ornamental, or have anything to do with it. It contains extremely large amounts of tropane alkaloids and should be regarded as poisonous and often occur in other evil plants. Some claim that there's no such thing as Evil, but that is not true. It was often carried for "protection and luck" by other "shamanic" cultures.., but again, my discernment warns otherwise, as it is NOT lucky. Any object meant to bring "good luck", is an idol and is accursed. The root has also been claimed to have been used as an aphrodisiac, although this is very dangerous and I highly advise against this false doctrine. Plenty of plants have medicinal benefit, but I notice that "shamanic" plants tend to be more on the toxic side, and this makes sense seeing as how they are being used in withcraft basically..

It's classified as a poison and a dilerant. All parts of the plant contain atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine. Scopolamine is a wicked substance that you want no part of believe me. It's used as a mind control drug in Columbia, robbing one of free will. I warn you because this is one way in which I serve the Lord, by warning people so they are not decieved. Some of the constituents actually have pharmaceutical use though, like over-the-counter eye drops that contain small amounts of Bella donna phytochemical extracts. These constituents are also found in Datura, Henbane, and Bella Donna. I can definately tell you this stuff is not a good time.(see the vice documentary) I don't get why this is legal and Cannabis isn't. I do think that this sends a strong message about the "war on drugs" though.. Many decades ago they were used to dialate the pupils of women.

I strive to provide accurate non-bias information on these botanicals to prevent harm and educate the public. In the past, there were some shady vendors marketing these specific ethnobotanicals ( Mandrake, etc ) as something "fun" and "recreational", with NO warnings of the potential harm... There were several stories on the news about kids who thought they were going to have a good time by consuming them, and actually wound up going through the most horrifying experiences of their life, followed by death. As far as the bible goes, there is a story in the book of Genesis that mentions Mandrake. Genesis 30:15 is where the story is located. It shows that this plant has a very ancient history with humans.

While it may be possible that some of these compounds have the potential for medicinal use, an overall look at its "shamanic" history, the deadly substances it contains, the evil ways in which it has been used, and the sinister people behind its idolization, I give this plant the judgement of evil. I feel that the plants are either good or evil and they represent either God or Lucifer. Why? I believe they have their own souls and the poison ones are posessed by demons. Look at the context in which certain plants are portrayed in the bible, and their association with withcraft and shamanism, and you'll see a correlation. Not all plants are equal, and this world is temporary.

Please understand that even though they have been used in a similar context to Peyote and San Pedro, they are NOT a psychedelic and NOT a fun toy. Half the cultures who tried to use these types of substances as drugs were crazy, and some partook in evil behaviors, straight up. This plant is not a godly spirit like Peppermint or Watermelons.. I type up this blog to save lives, and keep people from going through horrible experiences, and new age indoctrination via "shamanic ethnobotanical vendors" online. Please see my other article on Henbane, Datura, and Bella donna, which explains the medicinal applications and potential of these also very dangerous plants! Never just go off one what quick search tells you, research thoroughly! Your soul consist of your mind, your will, and your emotions.


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