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        Start by obtaining a large spray bottle, some vodka or another clear high proof liquor, wormwood, mullein leaf or seed, mint, Pau 'Darco Bark, Echinacea root, a coffee filter and a bread tie. You don't have to use all of these, just make sure to use at least the first three. This is a mixture that I use. There are many different combinations of herbs that can be used aside from the ones that I just listed. You can find a wide variety of plants that can work as a natural insecitides and pesticide. I base this idea off the scientific facts regarding the pharmacological activity produces by the phytochemicals these herbs create, and clear observations..

Take a pinch of each herb and place it in a coffee filter. Roll the coffee filter up after spreading the herbal material out evenly. Tie the coffee filter off with a bread tie and slip it into your spray bottle. Make sure that it's sealed off well before you place it in the spray bottle. If it's not sealed up good and the leaf material leaks out into the bottle, it can clog up the spray mechanisms. Now add your alcohol and water. After this soaks over-night it's ready to use. Shake well before use. Lightly spray your plants as needed. You may have to reapply. You will notice results immediately. It's non-toxic!

I speculate, ( or call out the postulate ) that Wormwood actually got its name because it has been used to rid the human body of worms, nor do pest like it at all! In ancient times this was a keen medicine used as what is known as a "vermifuge". Sense it's been most effective in ridding the body of worms, it also keeps worms and other harmful predators off of your plants. Mullein leaf contains naturally occurring compounds that are proven effective against plant predators also. Mint also produces menthol which is known to kill certain eggs of harmful pest. The Pau 'Darco and Echinacea root act as a powerful prevention agent against mildew, mold, and other microscopic threats. They keep your garden free of bacterial dangers.

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