Malaysian Kratom [ Malay ] ( Mitragyna speciosa )

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Note: The ban did NOT go through! It remains legal! I'm leaving this article up regardless.

            The same thing that happened with Coca , Khat , Cannabis, Mushrooms, and other sacred plants almost happened all over again with Kratom, and its called prohibition. We win.


Diabolical Kristin Jacobs Reintroduces Proposed Bill To Ban Kratom In Florida

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                   Kratom is a very popular recreational herb. Some consider it an entheogen, others do not. It's a tree that's closely related to Coffee. It has recently blown up in popularity among the US and other countries outside of its native habitat. It's psychoactive effects are of no doubt. The tree creates pharmacological phytochemicals which bind to opioid receptors in the human body.

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Herbalists use the leaf for pain, anxiety, opiate withdrawl, and even recreation. It's also used in the pacific recreationally as a stimulant and for its intoxicating properties. The active compounds are simliar to those in Yohimbe and Poppies. These compounds work on Opioid receptors in the human brain. It contains antioxidants that are symbiotic with human bio-circuitry. As of Oct 2018, I've taken the stuff almost everyday for nearly ten years. It's made my life so much better in more ways than one.

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The Malaysian Strain is very unique and slightly harder to come by than typical strains. It has a unique vibe that differs from those of the typical origins, making it a favorite for those who appreciate it over different varities. Kratom is one of many plants that can help human kind. It has evolutionary teachings to share with us all at a deep level. Well, that's how I see it anyway. What gives each variety its own unique vibe is the variation in phytochemicals among each plant. It's basically the same concept as with cannabis and its varying levels of CBD vs THC.

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Unfortunately for the people of Malaysia the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1952 made this indigenous plant illegal. I find it absurd that they have grouped this medicinal tree in with "dangerous drugs". It's clearly never demonstrated any harmful potential, as no one on the face of the earth has overdosed from it. It's also been what people refer to as a god send when dealing with opiate addiction of any kind, regardless of whether its opium, morphine, heroin, etc. I really think politicians should be psychologically evaluated so we know they are not psychopaths. This can prevent the passing of diabolical laws against that ultimately make the world a worse place to live, and do not serve the peoples best interest.

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After you do a lot of research on these plants, you'll notice patterns. These paterns clearly indicate to me, that nature is responsible for the consistent and flawless design of an endless number of healing pharmacological compounds, produced in plants. It also doesn't seem conincidence that these chemicals fit receptors in our body very precisely, and that some of them are even neurochemicals or closely related to neurochemicals that exist in our own minds.

The Effects

It's much cooler than its cousin Coffee.

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