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       Remember those commercials from the 90's "Chia pet"? I'm not 100% sure but i'm pretty sure this is what they're using! It's not just easy to grow though, it's good for you too. Many people believe Chia seed to be even healthier than Flax Seed. They consist of at least 30% Omega 3 oil, 40% Omega 6 and plenty of essential fatty acids. As a supplement, they are preferred by athletes due to their high hydrophilic nature. This makes them very useful for hydrating the human body. I think they would make a great addition to herbal blends like Sobe drinks and even herbal teas.

Studies have shown that consumption of Chia seed slows down the rate at which our bodies convert carbohydrate calories into simple sugars. Scientist believe that the they have great potential for diabetics. Finally, if detox is your thing, add Chia to the mix, because they are high in fiber and naturally occurring healthy oils that make them an outstanding addition to any detox treatment. Of course, I woulnd't suggest using them as a SURE FIRE way to pass a drug test.

Although the FDA has not evaluated or approved herbal remedies, scholarly researchers around the globe have had an interest in them for quite some time now. Many studies have been conducted. To me, it seems that nearly everyone except for the FDA has evaluated and approved these remedies. Don't just take my word for it, see for yourself. In fact, if it weren't for phytochemist, drug companies woulnd't have anything to work with.. After all, they secretly study these compounds to create sorry knock-off versions that have dangerous side-effects and mask more than treat.

There are tons of books written by highly educated professionals, research databases with scholarly studies like and others out there. The facts are out there despite what even some professors say. Many universities offer phytochemistry courses. The fact is that plants naturally produce pharmacological compounds by using energy from the sun and the air in the atmosphere. What an incredible miracle this is. Human kind is so arrogant to think that we create medicine, when pharmies just steal the basic blue-prints from nature and then ruin the whole concept with their synthetic garbage.

Chia Seed Scientific Name Salvia Hispanica

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