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          Earthway - A Native American Visionary's Path To Total Mind Body And Spirit Health goes over everything involved in becoming an elightened and healthy being. It covers everything from mind, to body, to spirit. You'll soon discover that these three have an intimate connection. If one of the three essentials elements are off balance then your entire biological system and energy field becomes ill. The book includes a dietary guide, astrology teachings, dream dictionary and interpruitation guide, native american herbal medicine charts, meditation information, and much more.

To give more detail on whats listed in the book it includes everything from ancient Native American astrology and its believed correlation with health and wellness including details into the zodiac, to a plant based medicine guide which list the pharmacological phytochemicals each herb creates and how it's used, along with which parts are used and how it's prepared... In fact, I use the book as a reference for many of the pages here on the site. It also touches base on dreams and spirituality in the Native American tradition and shares a thorough perspective of their world view which is far more broad and encompasses the vastness of existence along with its complexity, and mysticism.

If you are dissatisfied with the pharmaceutical route, the mainstream culture of the western world, and your current state of spirituality, then this book is for you. It can literally inform you to make lifestyle changes which will change your life. The great and wise words of the author will inspire you to change your ways. Your newly gained knowledge will enable you to move past that which is holding you back. You're new outlook on life will leave you looking back at your past ignorance with a boggled mind. Prepare yourself to take notes and apply knowledge that can ultimately save save us all as a collective whole from our misguided modern dogmas.

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