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         Research conducted by Claude Rifat and many other phytochemist show that Mitragynine is an indole alkaloid. It's created by a plant known as Kratom ( Mitragyna speciosa ). This is one of the chemicals in the plant that induces properties on par with that of true opiates. Some describe its effects as that produced by a drug, others disagree. Because of this, the ground up leaf is used by people to induce opiate like states of intoxication, for medicinal use, or just good old recreation. People around the world are turning to the plant to cope with opiate withdrawals, pain, anxiety, and even depression. According to all of the studies I've read, all of the alkaloid variations in this herb play a role in the drug / medicine-like effects. Further references for more learning can be found all over this page and website.

There have been some claims by the FDA and others, even some scholars, that there is no scientific evidence to back up Kratoms effectiveness or safety. To combat this fake news, I've included some academic resources and references on this page so you can see for yourself that phytochemical analysis of herbal remedies is a real field of study. The effects of the herb have been scientifically researched. There are plenty of academic references to back up every single alkaloid produced by the herb. Furthermore, centuries of safe and successful use by the locals of south eastern Asia should not go UN-noticed. They're not telling us the truth.

Phytochemistry is studied around the world. It's the study of the medicinal chemicals and their effects that ethnobotanicals create during the span of their lifetime. It's the research that's given us the facts which have allowed us to know about Mitragynine and the other active constituents that the Mitragyna speciosa creates, and thousands of others. It's how we know about THC, CBD, Caffeine, Nicotine, and their medicinal and or psychoactive effects. People are being mislead like a bunch of sheep for financial and political reasons. These people have their own agenda and many blind followers to stand behind their tyrannical manipulation and games. We are living in an age where filthy rich individuals seek to hide information in an attempt to protect their death and lie oriented pharmaceutical revolution. We the people will not allow this. This is why I'm writing these articles and publishing them along with all of the links to the research conducted by scholars to the world.

If the Mitragynine alkaloid ( or others ) were to be free-based or synthesized, the effects would most likely be potentially very dangerous. It's the perfection of nature which makes it safe. Pharmaceutical versions of this herb would also leave out an arsenal of various synergistic compounds that work together to give Kratom its own unique vibe, as well as add to the dangerous potential. See what I'm saying? Sense it naturally produces antioxidants, ECGC, and other beneficial phytochemical compounds, leaving all of the other psychoactive and therapeutic substances out, and focusing on one narcotic-like alkaloid in nature, is essentially taking medicine and turning it into drugs. All of this in an effort to turn a god given gift into a man made product. The price will costs as much as the drugs new negative impact on society.

Mitragynine has a structure that is related to yohimbe alkaloids and distantly, voacangine. Yohimbe is a plant that stimulates the adrenal system in the human body. Kratom too has this same sort of adrenal stimulation. Voacangine is the precursor to a chemical called Ibogaine, which shows promise in treating drug addiction. It can also be found in Voacanga africana. I believe that this plant does show promise in treating opiate addiction, as well as other narcotic addictions as well. I encourage anyone to research these further from legit scholarly sources. The fact is, Mitragynine has a relationship with other known substances that have been scientifically demonstrated to assist individuals with recovering from addiction. Iboga centers alone are run across the globe where laws permit. The effects of all of these substances are well known. I've even included links at the bottom of every page on this website to organizations of actual scholars who literally get together and research these ethnobotanical and pharmacological treasures which some would loosely refer to as nothing more than "drugs"

People have used Mitragyna speciosa for centuries, and it's always worked for them. On top of all of this, the science on Mitragyanine alkaloid, and all of the other compounds this medicinal product creates, is there despite the lies. If you disagree, then why don't you actually take the time to look up the facts via an online electronic database used by students around the planet when they write their research papers. I've cited references to this research and they are undeniable. These facts are published by scholars, who are experts in the field of phytochemistry. Sorry, but I am the enemy of dis-information and no amount of lies can hide scholarly publications. Do you see main stream news outlets quoting citations?

Alkaloids such as Mitragynine are created by the plant in accordance to the schematics programmed into the plants DNA. The suns energy, the biospheres water and air, and organic resources made available in the earth, are all utilized to convert matter into pharmacological gems. The fact that these alkaloids work so precisely with the biological circuitry of human beings and different animals indicates a naturally occurring state of intelligent symbiosis between life and the environment which sustains consciousness in general. Our arrogant belief that we are above natural law and order has led to the synthetic epidemic. Drug companies hire chemist to create a drug from an herb. Their way of thinking is "from Mitragyna to Mitragynine", yet there is much more pharmacology and chemical constituents found in this leaf than just this one compound..

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