Morning Glory Flower Facts

M o r n i n g G l o r i e s !

Ipomoea Heavenly Blue

           Facts presented on this page are simply facts. They are not intended to encourage dangerous or illegal behavior. Morning Glory seeds can be bought and sold by anyone in the USA only for cultivation purposes. They are not to be sold or marketed for human consumption, and yet a few bad apples tried to do so back in the day. There were some very diabolical vendors back in the day who sold these in a wink wink type fashion, and they provided no warnings about anything which is despicable. Sense the facts surrounding these seeds are already readily available, my intentions are harm reduction. Morning Glory Seed Dangers have already been reported in the news. It's completely unhuman to put someones health at risk for profit. This page serves to correct dangerous misinformation. It's sad to think innocent elderly couples may be at risk one day of getting raided over flowers because of a few rotten apples out there spreading disinformation and encouraging dangerous behavior via misguided doctrine on the internet related to its seed. Many of these facts can be verified from an enormous array of academic databases. While the potential pharmacolgoy is not myth, rather is suppressed knowledge, that does not mean it is safe. Different phytochemicals in the plant have been researched separately, and each has its own pharmacology, according to peer reviewed journals. Nothing on here is to be taken as a medical claim however, and I want you to learn more at . I mention the shamanic use of the seeds is for cultural research only, not to glorify doing dangeruos stuff. Not all plants are bad, but some have a toxic element and dangerous potential. My statements are intended to reduce harm and educate those on the potential dangers at hand. Please note that any cultural lore may be deceptive to some degree and consider the Ten Commandments, as well as the rules throughout the sacred holy scripture of the Bible. Understand the what it means to have discernment when it comes to doctrine, as prophecy and divination are not the same.

The Morning Glory plant has been prized by a wide range of cultures. In ancient China it was prized as a medicine due to the laxative properties of the seeds. It was introduced to the Japanese in the 9th century, as an ornamental plant for its awe-inspiring beauty. Aztec priests in Mexico used it for as a ceremonial psychedelic. They were lunatics, so I don't tell you that to encourage it ( the seed coating itself is not active and is toxic ) What you should know is that the bible is what teaches us how to be delivered from evil. The "spirit realm" that shamans speak of, is the angelic realm, and scripture teaches us it's not all good angels. Remain within the shelter of the Most High God. The bible warns and teaches us how to avoid falling into the snare of the trapper, follow Psalm 91:1-END. Study it so you can avoid deceptive doctrines that are often associated with plants Hoffman published many facts related to this plant and other plants in his book, "Food Of The Gods". Sadly, vendors in the past were teaching false doctrine and encouraging dangerous behaviour with these seeds, failing to warn of the potential dangers and the toxcicity of the seed coating. A lot of irresponsbility and apathetic sellers have created a bad reputation for the word "botanical".

Just because the Aztecs did this is no reason for anyone to try it at home, ( they were lunatics ). It's important to know that the seed coatings are especially dangerous and have been known to cause liver disorders and neural damage, allegedly. They are often sprayed with pesticides to "discourage use", which I think causes more harm than it prevents ( think about it. ) I can promise you whatever is on the outside of these seeds, the brown stuff, is extremely poisonous and will make you deathly ill. Native Americans said that they remove the coating first and mix it with Ginger to reduce nausea. They can also only legally be bought or sold for cultivation purposes. It's just information ok? My intentions are harm reduction. Visit for more harm reduction related information. From everything that I can gather, they are a very misunderstood natural phenominon filled with phytochemical knowledge, with great potential for positivity for research (see MAPS). I'm glad to see more scientific research being conducted on these substances as well. (Their cousins are Ergot, HBWR, and Ololiuqui) I suppose this is where the idea of modern pharmaceuticals come from, removing the toxic from the potentially beneficial. Unfortunately, not all scientist are Christian.

The seeds are very much closely related to Ololiuqui, and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. HBWR is essentially a giant Morning Glory vine with a much higher concentration of potency to it. All of them naturally produce and contain the same fascinating constituents. I'm pretty sure that the striking beauties of HBWR are also depicted in the motion picture, "The Wizard Of Oz". This is indication of its use as an entheogen and brings a whole new level of meaning or symbolism to the phrase "somewhere over the rainbow". I'm simply pointing out the subliminal, not encouraging it, remember the see coating is toxic! Do not attempt to consume or extract these please. There once was a time when sketchy online sellers were taking advantage of these facts to mislead people. Please read the whole page and note the potential dangers associated with these! As a plant friend, they're an amazing buddy. They love fences or anything that climbs, and are always thrilling to see in bloom. They're brighten any yard or porch or area in sight.

Please note that ethnobotanical lore is simply fact, it's for cultural research not so you can run out and copy what these people did. According to ancient lore, the Ipomoea seeds when used as an entheogen would reveal inner illnesses both psychological and physiological. They were often thought of by ancient practitioners as a cure for meanness in a habitually ill hearted person. Applying the rules of the bible works best ( get to know Yeshua and the Ancient Of Days ) The seeds of Ipomoea ( heavenly blue morning glory ) were thought to open the users "third eye"(pineal gland{Revelation 22:4} This is where what the bible teaches is critical, for it warns that stepping into this world unprotected opens doors to the enemy. Psalm 91:1 "He who dwelleth in the shelter of the Most High, will abide in the shadow of the Almighty." Accordnig to lore passed down from my Native friends, once you had consumed them with large amounts of the coating remaining, small amounts of it(the brown stuff) could be used much like Bella Donna down the road to boost the immune system, by taking advantage of the Arndt Schulz Medical Rule. Again, this is for educational purposes. One should seek salvation through Jesus Christ and the Most High God. Also remember the definition of sorcery includes the use of poisons, even as "medicine"..Various plants have however, have been scientifically demonstrated to have medicinal value, but with so many non-toxic ones, why turn to something potentially lethal?. I strongly oppose this, there are plenty of other plants people enjoy that are not toxic, and honestly I've made a connection between using toxic plants and sorcery ( they two seem to go hand and hand, it's a pattern anyone can observe with research ). That's what this website is about, beause vendors selling "shamanic plants and ethnobotanials" are not going to tell you the bad side, they only paint a picture of "somewhere over the rainbow". The truth you'll find is anything but. Matthew 23:12 “And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.”

According to an actual Native, "Under the influence of the sacred Morning Glory," "primitive", or Native American-like cultures, "saw energy and life emitting from all things." "The very fabric of existence was permeating outward a mystical life force energy field. Intelligence was seen in all things, both animate and inanimate." The experiences induced by the Ipomoea strain were never forgotten. They ultimately changed a person for life, and the story behind the experiences were always worth expressing to others. According to legend, a bad experience on these seeds is not something anyone would dare wish on their worst enemy. Although, it was said that the worse the trip was, the more transforming it ultimately was as well. I gotta say, studies indicate toxcicity in the coating, and that makes this plant in general, one of a more poisonous nature. My discernment tells me, not to consume them because of the seed coating, so please learn discernment (see Corinthians). They're beautiful flowers and we don't want grandmas going to jail in the future for growing them, so please don't be an idiot.

Shamans, Natives, and other traditional cultures used Ginger root, and Frankincense to curb the nausea and toxicity of what little seed coating was left after attempting to remove most of it with a knife. The frankincense was slightly chewed and eaten. While every culture knows things, many fail to interpret God correctly. A lot of doctrine decieves one into worshipping false gods and turning to them for deliverance so I must quite scripture which I know is true: Psalms 91:1 "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High God, will abide in the shadow of the Almighty."{NASB By Zondervan} 91:3 "For it is HE who delivers you from the snare of the trapper and from the deadly pestilence."{NASB Zondervan} See the first two commandments in relation to discernment related to doctrine in general. These flowers are beautiful, and should be grown, and their beauty admired, as to serve as a reminder to us of our loving creator, and the story he shared with us through the prophet Moses in the book of Genesis 3, the story of the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The story ( Genesis 3 ), indicates that most of the plants are for us to benefit, just not "THAT ONE" Pray to God for the gift of discernment so you can spot false doctrine and misinformation, and study the word and pray so you can be guided to the truth, and the right people that God wants you to have in your life. See 1 Corinthians, 12

Growing Morning Glory Plants

Heavenly Blue plants are easy enough to cultivate or grow. The first thing you need to do is prepare your soil and plot. This is very important because this is going to be how and where your plant lives and feeds. If you live in Florida or a similar planting zone that's closer to the equator then plant your seedlings in an area that get's good shade. Use an organic growing medium and plant your babies a few inches apart. Make sure they have something to climb. I prefer Fox Farms Organic Soil. You don't have to do anything to it. Cut back on water when you're ready for them to flower. Top them to encourage further bushing and bigger flower yield.

Morning glories are very hearty and grow like wild weeds. They are very easy to grow and produce hundreds if not thousands of offspring. The seeds are located directly behind the flowers in small pods.. Wait until they are ready to burst open and fall to the ground before even thinking about harvesting them. Leave at least 3/4 of them alone. Do this out of respect for nature so that future generations of the species can spread in the wild.

Before You Plant

Check the Farmers Almanac - "Gardening By The Moon" section out and see when it gives the go ahead. If you've ever planted before in the past and had no luck, there is a good chance that you just planted them during the wrong time. The moon cycle does have a lot to do with the successful germination and growth of many plants. Also, make sure you have everything prepared. You'll need rich organic dirt with good airation( add perlite ), and drainage, PRIOR to germination. Don't over water it because that's the most common plant killer.

As one last sincere warning.. These are sold for cultivation purposes only by shops around the country, including Walmart, Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, etc! Any attempt to consume them is very dangerous to your well being! Facts are intended for research purposes. They are readily available from even scholarly sources. I saw a lot of vendors selling them in inappropriate ways, and wanted to reduce harm, as well as share some biblical insight. This info is already out there, but I wanted to expose the potential dangers. As others will try to hype this up like you should do it.. DON'T It was back around 2012 a huge demand for this type of stuff popped up online, accompanied by some pretty dangerous doctrine and lousy marketing ( sketchy too )

Deuteronomy 18: "10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, 11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. 12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee."

Never consume these seeds. This information is for harm reduction and educational purposes only. I hope to have saved someones life. Not evaluated or approved by the FDA. It's not me saying this stuff but scientist and members of various cultures.

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