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                 Mullein is well known by herbalists. The leaves of the plant contain a compound known as "mucilage" that coats sore throats and makes coughing more productive. It's an herb of choice by herbalists for respiratory problems and pulmonary diseases. This herb not only loosens mucus and helps to expel it out of the body, yet it also calms spasms, is an all natural pain-killer and aids in the reduction of swelling in the glandular system. This plant is often refereed to as "Great Mullein" which is believed to originate from Europe. It has also been used to help quit smoking, to relief symptoms of asthma and sooth the pain caused from gout.

The scientific name of this species is Verbascum thapsus and it's known by a variety of common nick-names. Western U.S. residents commonly refer to mullein as "Cowboy Toilet Paper". Funny, no? During the 19th century, mullein had well over 40 different common names in the English language alone. Other nick-names of this plant include "Hig Candlewick", "bullicks lungwort", "Adams-rod", "Hare's-beard" and "Ice-leaf".

The information presented in the section above can be referenced to that of one of our parent affiliates, bbb. For more information regarding the health benefits of Mullein, please visit the resources found at the bottom of this page or an online academic database. These databases contain scholarly journals written by professionals who are educated on the matter and have accurate information to offer. Below are some personal encounters I have experienced with this natural remedy.

Ever heard of the over-the-counter prescription drug known as "Mucinex"? Did I spell that right? The active compound in Mullein leaf that helps with respiratory conditions and to expel mucus is known as "mucilage". Doesn't "Mucinex" and "Mucilage" sound a lot a-like? I'm not trying to get sued by some big pharm company, I'm just saying. Those two names sound very similar to me and I have a hunch, yet could be wrong. Anyway, aside from those two very similar names there is more. Both mucilage and Mucinex are used for the same conditions. :)

Since I was around the age of 16 years old, I began looking into natural herbs as a means to feel better. I got so tired of being sick, and taking a bunch of "crap" that didn't do anything for me. I tried the "eating chicken noodle soup" thing, didn't help. I tried everything everyone ever told me to do, and noticed no remarkable results. I'd like to share with you the story of what this leaf has done for me.

I first consumed this leaf many years ago when I was sick with the common cold. I made a tea out of the leaves using a coffee filter and a close pin. The results blew my mind. The tea made my throat and respiratory passages open up and I began to notice that when I blew my nose, it was clearing up. In other words, I noticed that before consuming the tea, I couldn't breath nor blow my nose. After drinking the infusion my congestion cleared right up and I could finally breath.

A friend of mine a few years back was coming down with a fever and sore throat when she had came to me to see if I knew of anything. I'm not a professional herbal doctor yet, just someone interested in feeling better in a natural way. I read about these herbs, I try them, if they work for me, I believe they work. Trial and error is how I roll. Anyway, she came to me looking for any herb that may help. I told her about my experiences with with the healing herbal remedy so she decided she would like to try it.

She said she felt so bad she would try anything. I explained that I'm not a "medical professional", a doctor, a scientist, or anything like that. I'm just a friend who witnessed a leaf that helped me, and thought it could help her too. So the next day she called me up and tole me that it worked. DO NOT TAKE THIS AS A MEDICAL CLAIM! This is just what she said and you NEED to not take everything on the internet literally! I am not a doctor and neither is she. This is the second friend of mine that told me this stuff worked wonders for them.

After much personal experimentation with the leaf, I have noticed, like many others, that if you use it( or any herb ) daily, or for a pro-longed period of time, it stops working. Of course, I noticed that this was not permanent. If I stopped consuming the herbs and then only used them when needed, they would work just fine. It's my personal belief that the same is so with prescription anti-biotics, as I believe this is an observation of mine. Mullein leaf has made a believer out of me, and many others that I know.

Legality statements. For legal hound dogs out there who want to cause trouble, I never said this "WAS A CURE", I just quoted what someone else told me and shared my personal experience with the plant. All of the information above is observations, points of view, and opinions of the author. This information is not intended to prevent, cure, treat, any diseases or ailments. I am not a medical professional. For more information regarding herbs, please visit an online database such as JSTOR for scholarly journals written by professionals, aka accurate information backed by studies.

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