Satureja parvifolia (Muna Muna)


              Muna Muna is a rare aphrodisiac. Aphrodisiacs are plants or substances that are believed to induce intense sexual enhancement as far as potency, arousal, orgasm, and duration goes. This does not mean that they are always used by people who necessarily need them. They are also a treat for anyone who's already frisky enough. It was prized by the Incas for these sacred properties. Other traditional medicinal applications for this remedy include: digestive complaints, mountain sickness, as an emmenagogue, an aphrodisiac, immune enhancement, influenza, bactericide, insect repellent and fodder shrub. I personally believe that it goes great in combination with Damiana It's one of the best ones that I have tried thus far, and really doesn't have that bad of a taste!

Like I mentioned above, the use of any type of sexual stimulant is not just for people who feel like they are unable to become "frisky". Aphrodisiacs are a great treat for any couple. People use illicit drugs to induce states of stimulation, and psychedelia. I see no reason why a natural drug used to stimulate sexuality is any different. Human beings are always seeking new experiences. This type of behavior is an innate human curiosity. Even if you're humping chairs and chasing beaver through the woods, this type of natural gem is still for you. Reality provides many tools for the benefit of human kind, and all other life forms that exist.

You might think that erectile dysfunction is something that happens to people in their 60's, 70's and so on. This isn't necessarily the case. These day's a lot of men start having issues in their mid to late 20's and early thirties. Several friends of mine younger than I am shared with me their issue.. I strive to provide accurate and beneficial information on this website so I wanted to share with you some other ways aside from using Muna Muna and other herbal aphrodisiacs, to naturally reverse your ED or lack of sex drive. Look into "Porn Induced ED". Talk with your doctor about ways to improve your hormone levels naturally first maybe.. Let him or her help you decide what's best!

Herbal practitioners often suggest life style changes in conjunction with the use of natural medicines. Other things that can cause ED are: excessive consumption of Tobacco, not getting enough exercise, psychological issues ( relationship problems ), emotional issues, diet, and even medications can interfere. When you think about it these kinda make sense and should be obvious to us. In the western world though a lot of doctors don't want you to think this way. Some are actually really great people and only resort to pills if it's a last ditch effort to combat health issues. Others seem like they want people to believe that pills fix all, because that's how they make their money. It's their job. Does this mean health care professionals are bad? NO! I just want to encourage you to find the right one!

You might be wondering if this is a placebo or how it could possibly potentially work. The truth is in the microscopic world that exist below the surface of the plant material. Herbs produce potential pharmacological constituents that I BELIEVE drug companies seek to suppress the knowledge of. In fact, despite the fact that even some professors and teachers will tell you there's no science to back up these natural remedies, there is an academic field of study that scientifically understands their potential validity as medicine. This field of study is called phytochemistry. I'll talk more about it in the next paragraph. Understand that you need to talk with a doctor first and that nothing on this website is to be taken as a "cure".

So now to my favorite part of this article where I completely shatter all of the disinformation out there stating that science and herbal medicine don't mix, when in fact they do. Please note that I don't mean this to sound like a medical claim. I am simply pointing out that scientist do know that herbs produce phytochemicals which demonstrate pharmacological potential in the laboratory! In fact, Herbalism is main stream science in Germany, and even is utilized by the medical establishment there! Note that I include citations at the bottom of every page. This data is based on academic studies by highly educated and trained professionals in the field of phytochemistry. Muna Muna ( Satureja parvifolia ) contains Triterpenic Acids and Flavonoids, eriodictyol, luteolin, and ursolic and oleanolic acids. Eriodictyol and luteolin have antiplasmodial activity. Each of these phytochemicals have their own collection of medicinal properties. Thanks for stopping by and remember that I want to be respected by Google and others as a reliable source for accurate information coupled with properly distributed opinon.

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