This stuff is considered holy by almost all religions, and various shamanic paths. Yes, the same stuff from the popular historic story from the bible of the "Three Wise Men" who brought baby Jesus gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh. What is it? It's a sap collected from the tree scientifically known as Boswellia carteri. This resin is harvested with full respect to future generations. It has a pine-like aroma. It's calming to the mind and clears the cerebral-circulation. Historically it has been viewed as a divine symbol of which represents purity. It's been a gift to many kings and queens. In Saudi Arabia it's chewed and eaten!

               The burning smoke is adored for its pleasant aroma, and is suggested as a meditation aid because of its calming nature. I've read a few recent studies that suggest that it's even DNA protective. wow! Now, back on the subject of meditation.. It's suggested in literature with academic references as a natural herb for those with cancer. Some cultures use it as a smudge to cleanse a home much like a preist does with burning sage.

Over the years you learn new things about natural supplements like Frankincense. I discovered on accident one time that I can eat a small amount of it chewed when I'm feeling nautious and it stops that feeling right away! I've never read anything about the stuff being used this way but it never fails. To this day I try to share this story with anyone and everyone I can.

How do I burn it?

Don't burn this stuff indoors..

            If you are planning on burning it indoors you'll need an electric burner. Swift Lite Charcoal Tablets are also useful but only for outdoor use. If you want to burn Frankincense outdoors then it can be done very easily.. Just light it, making sure to hold the lighter there for a few seconds until it catches. Once its lit, it will start pillowing off smoke into the air. This smoke is not the desired smoke. Let the incense burn for around a minute and then blow it out. You'll notice a change in the color and fragrance of the smoke. Using an electric incense burner or Swift Lite Charcoal Tablets. will allow you to get the most desired smoke possible out of the resin. Enjoy!

Medical Research

        On a final note there has been much research conducted on the chemicals found inside the Frankincense tree and its resins, and oils. They contain phytochemicals known as: acid resin (56 per cent), soluble in alcohol, gum (similar to gum arabic) 3036%, alpha-boswellic acid (Boswellia sacra),4-O-methyl-glucuronic acid (Boswellia sacra),incensole acetate, and phellandrene. Even the smoke can purify the air from harmful microbes. Shamanic cultures picked up on this many eras ago, and were able to understand its holistic potential for healing and inducing deep states during meditation sessions.

In 2008 a study was conducted that concluded that the burning smoke of the Boswellia carteri trees resin was basically a psychoactive drug ( not like crack ) that relieves depression and anxiety. The study claims that the constituent known as incensole acetate is responsible for this. Another study showed significant improvements in patients suffering from osteoarthritis. In 2009, it was reported that it seems to suppress cancer cell viability. There are far more studies out there that prove the medicinal power of this sacred gift. There is no doubt based off of these facts that Frankincense is useful in the art of holistic healing, even when used as an incense.

Even before modern research, were many discoveries related to holistic healing not obvious to people in ancient times? People of historic times studied things in a different way than modern society. Historically, trial and error was the only means. So, there must be something special about this holy sacrament. If people have known about these treasures since at least the times of Jesus there must be something to them. According to the research, there definitely is something to them. Shamanic cultures have are the original researchers of such treasures as Frankincense. Their philosophy and understanding into the mysteries of human psyche is epic.

Organic; Scientific Name: (Boswellia carteri)

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