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       Myrrh is burned for its aromatic properties and also used as a form of alternative medicine. It has been prized for hundreds of thousands of years, dating back even to the ancient Egyptians, who made a "drug mixture" out of it. It's been used in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and western medicine too! How can it possibly be medicine though if it's just a resin from a plant? Phytochemistry is the study behind the pharmacological constituents that plants such as this create. It is in essence, the proof that they do have therapeutic potential. There seems to be a fist pressing against every individual who spreads this knowledge. My website and many others are under attack for telling the truth. It's called a "negative seo attack", and it effects our visibility in search engine results, and our income.

Before I go into more detail on the historic applications of Myrrh as medicine, let me share with you my personal experiences with it. Sense its use has such a vast documented history, I decided that it was more than worth checking out. When I first decided to try it, I took a few pebbles, probably weighing in at less than 2 grams, and placed them in a plastic bag. I then took them outside and crushed them with a hammer. The chunks I picked out were the most visually pleasing, being brighter in color. I poured them in my mouth and washed them down with water. 20-30 minutes later my body began to feel like cotton candy with a slight elevation in mood, coupled with a distinct calmness. My pain was gone.

It's said to possess rheumatic relief, and properties which induce relief for arthritic conditions. Based on what I experienced, I believe it. My sources, as listed at the bottom of the page, also indicate its historic reputation for dealing with circulatory problems, and for amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menopause, and uterine tumors. Reiki healers have also found it useful in their "energy work". In western medicine it's prized as an antiseptic in mouthwashes, gargles, and toothpastes. It has a very powerful aroma with a bitter taste that I find tolerable. The scent of its burning smoke is sweet and almost perfume-like in nature. Ayurvedic medicine utilized it when kidney dysfunction or stomach pain is apparent. It's pretty tough stuff, and some prefer to buy it powdered.. It can be crushed with a hammer, yet a typical grinder won't really do the trick without possibly damaging the device. A blender should work fine.

It's actually easily soluble in water but you should be careful not to consume too much. It has mild pain relieving properties also. In fact, studies have shown that it effects opioid receptors. Opioid receptors are what enable opiate-based compounds to produce the effects that they do. They literally turn down the volume on our perception of pain. It seems that our bodies and minds are literally designed to pick up on these compounds. Now that is what I call symbiosis. Like Frankincesne, I also believe that it has the ability to induce a mild entheogenic experience as I have used it and noticed very relaxing and euphoric effects.


Precautions: Don't consume too much Myrrh because a sufficient dosage can be poisonous. Talk with your doctor before considering use. Check pages like webmd for information on interactions and other precautions. Know what you're dealing with in all ways at all times.

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