Ubhubhubhu is also known as Helinus integrifolius ( scientific name ). It's believed to be another oneirogen ( from the Greek, "dream" and "to generate" ), or that's what it's called to. I take issue with the term oneirogen though because it is GOD who generates them. I do believe supplements for memory can improve the recall of them, but we should not credit them for the dreams that God gives: ( Job 33 KJV "For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. 15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; 16 Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, 17 That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man. 18 He keepeth back his soul from the pit, and his life from perishing by the sword." ) It originates from Africa and is used to enhance the dreaming mind. The species has been used not only for its supposed stimulation or enhancement of dreams, but according to lore it is used to enable "diviners" to interpret dreams better as well, yet this is not 100% true!. Remember, only God can interpret dreams, and you should seek him for your dreams and prophecy. 2 Peter 1:21 KJV "For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." It's been used for centuries by the shaman's of Africa. Shaman is another word for sorcerer, so be ware. I provide this information to reduce harm caused from false doctrine, and to help prove to you that the word of God is truth.

Even though there is a LOT of plants used for things related to dreams, both synthetic and organic, very few people are even familiar with the word "oneirogen". I want to clear up the false doctrine that something can induce a dream. It can help you recall dreams, but you should only ask of the Most High to induce dreams. I don't want to condemn a plant because I believe it's mostly about how it is viewed, and if idolatry is involved or not, but I want to encourage you to be very careful, and pay attention to what God is saying to you. When you do something wrong, he will let you know. The question is, will you hear? They are essentially plants or substances that are believed to induce, enhance, or stimulate intense dream activity in the minds of those who consume them. Before diving in and trying something like the Ubhubhubhu supplement, you may want to first master the art of recalling your dreams in the first place. Until you train yourself to remember your dreams in the morning, any benefits will go un-noticed. The truth is we all dream every night whether we remember it or not so keep that in mind. Write it down, and make you a prayer log where you also document dreams!

Ubhubhubhu and other ethnobotanicals have beeen used throughout history to supposedly increase the odds of lucidity!. What is lucid dreaming? It's the art of realizing you are dreaming WHILE YOU'RE IN THE DREAM! Sense becoming a Christian, I have question about lucid dreaming. I just pray that I be blessed with them, because that's the only way in which I feel I won't provoke the Ancient Of Days, because believe me, you don't want to tick that guy off. Scientist have proven that lucid dreaming is in fact a thing. Stephen leberge was one to prove this, and he has founded the lucidity institute. Buddhist were also into lucid dreaming and practiced it as such, but imo they also have some false doctrine tied to it. Be very weary about seeking after and serving false gods, because false doctrine trains you to look toward objects and dieties for power and protection, and this simply is not how it works. I know from experience, that you are not in control. People who feel like they have power, are merely being deceieved by demonic forces at play, forces that don't care about the person their using.

In the field of phytochemistry, researchers have identified what some believed to be the active ingredients. Herbalist have formulated a hypothesis that chemicals called saponins may be responsible for the oneirogenic properties induced by the raw plant material. Given the large number of academic journals I've written using scholar.google.com, I can tell you that saponins are recurring throughout the plant kingdom. An example off the top of my head of another herb that contains the saponins is Yucca root There are many more, and you can read all about them on this website and on scholarly journals.[3] It seems to me that nearly every herb known for its high content of this particular phytochemical has a reputation throughout history for oneirogenic applications. I view this as self evident evidence myself. I want to encourage others to use these journals to do their own research.

This information was obtained before becoming a Christian. It is valid for educational and correctional purposes. I was able to speak with a Shamantress ( I guess that's how you say it? ) [ a female Shaman ] from south Africa! She explained to me the lore associated with Ubhubhubhu ( Helinus integrifolius ). She said that Shamans consciously interpret messages that are communicated to them from an "ally", which is a plant friend or "tool", such as Helinus. The real art I'm told, is meditating with the herb, and allowing your inner voice to become receptive to the messages that it is sending your conscious mind. She says the same is so with Iboga for sure, and it typically communicates with colors [ see color psychology ]. They believe that certain botanicals work on a deep unconscious level, which separates them from others used consciously like Khat, Ayahuasca, etc. Where this is wrong is, first of all using something like Ginkgo or a plant to improve memory is ok, but you never need to attribute what only God can do to a plant or someone else. Lucifer seeks to have his legion trick you into obtaining communication from them by whatever means necesssary. Using plants like this in a way that is un-Godly is a FAST paced way to open doors for the enemy. I'm not saying that all plants are bad, and certainly know better than this. The confusion is in the context, and this is not taught often. Use discernment and pray to God for answers.

There are several ways to prepare the stuff as usual. You may experience different results with different consumption methods. This is because some plants for example, like Cannabis, when eaten raw are not psychoactive. Others like Kratom, are! This tells us right away that one herb may work in capsules while others may not. Tea doesn't always work because the polarity of water and that of the phytochemcials present in the plant material are not always the same. This is where tinctures come in handy, as the alcohol can dissolve both the polar and non-polar chemicals made by Ubhubhubhu. Using plants the way that God intended is a much better option than running down to serpent medical to serve their graven images of greed false gods. But if you start following teachings which come along with this stuff, that is the deception. Some things are just cursed though, so be careful. If a witch doctor so much as touched this stuff then that makes it cursed.

In ancient times there were all sorts of methods for producing the ultimate medicines, many of which were basically false religions. Steam distillation is an option for collecting oils. I can tell you that in Africa, the Ubhubhubhu root is boiled and then this white foamy stuff comes to the top. They collect that and consume it. It's supposed to contain the "active ingredient". It's getting harder and harder to find this stuff for sale in America. There is a huge effort to covertly destroy herbal supplement businesses in an illegal and immoral manner. Contact me if you run a shop and stock this product. Avoid genetically modified crops and learn the dangers of genetic engineering and the difference between hybrids and GMO's Sadly a certain amount of our food supply is tainted with this mad scientist mRNA-like technology.

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