Palo Santo is a type of wood that's burned as an aromatic incense. In herbal medicine the essential oils are used. It's been used for centuries by the Incas for "spiritual purposes", but the oils are also commonly used by every day people for various ailments. The wood is considered holy, and has often been used in association with Ayahuasca ceremonies. The essential oils are used for treating skin conditions by alternative healers, as well as stomach problems. Sense it's a bark, decoctions are made by boiling the plant material for an extended period of time.

You can easily capture the essential oils of Palo Santo bark yourself. All you need is the bark, and some water, time, and the sun. Place the bark in a glass jar with some high quality water. Cover it with foil and set it in a window seal. The suns heat will spead up the process, and the essential oil of the Palo Santo plant will rise to the top. That's pretty cool huh? It's also a lot more cost effective than buying ready made oil. You can fill up many bottles for the price of one bottle at a retailer. Some burn it outdoors as a natural incense.

Palo santo is also used in aromatherapy. These sacred scents have been prized by nearly every single culture that has ever walked the face of the earth. They are considered holy gifts, and sacraments from the most high. These aromas are able to life the human spirit, aid in meditation, and permeate the air with positive energy. If you are not familiar with natural incense, then I think you'll be impressed with what there is to learn. Unlike the common modern "stick incense", these natural resins and oils are obtained from nature itself. They are a lot more pleasing to the sinus passageways and allergy friendly. They are highly perfected scents that any human could only dream of creating.

The resins of Palo Santo can be extracted organic solvents. You can collect enough of the resins and make your own candle out of it. Simple add whick and anchor it in a candle holder, and allow the solvent to dry around it. The result will be a hardened resin that is the candle. Make sure it's completely dried up and solid resin before attempting to light it. Any amount of solvent left can be a fire hazard. Don't leave candles unattended.

Organic Palo Santo; Holy wood; Bulnesia sarmientoi

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