The leaves of Papaya are made into a tea in certain parts of the world for treating malaria. It's very similar to Wormwood because of its vermifuge properties. A vermifuge is something used to rid the body of parasitic worms. The active phytochemicals in the plant are thought to protect the intestines from infection. The leaf contains the following phytochemicals: beta-carotene, carpaine, flavonols, papain, and tannins. It's also chalked full of calcium, fats, and more vitamin C than the fruit itself! It's use dates as far back as the 19th century.

Like the leaves of many other fruits, Papaya leaf contains many phytochemicals. For some odd reason, phytochemicals are not listed on nutrition labels of any kind of food. They are essentially the most beneficial pharmacological chemicals on the planet. Why are they being completely ignored by those responsible for telling the public what's found in their food? For the record, phytochemistry is the study of the medicinal compounds that plants produce. So when you hear someone mindlessly chant the mantra, "There's no scientific evidence behind that!", feel free to correct them.

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