Tabebuia impetiginosa Medicinal Uses

PaudArco (Tabebuia impetiginosa)

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Family: Bignoniaceae

Genus: Tabebuia

Species: impetiginosa

Medicinal properties: Antibacterial, antifungi, anti leukemia, antivirual, analgesic ( pain relief), antiinflammatory, antiparasitic, antioxidant ( kills free radicals ), anti-ulcer, tumors. [and more!]

           The Pau darco herb has been thoroughly studied by phytochemical researchers around the globe. These phytochemicals are made by using the energy captured from the highly sophisticated and natural process of phytosynthesis. Herbalist use PauDarco as a general medicine for purifying the blood, and boosting the immune system ( general health ), much like Echinacea, Mullein leaf, or several of my other favorites. In my opinion and experiences, PauDarco is one of the best natural medicines in my opinion. It has many more medicinal and even industrial applications which I will discuss below.

The use of Pau darco bark has been reported to provide pain relief by many, even some close family friends of mine swear by it. Evidence suggest that these pain relieving properties may benefit individuals suffering from conditions of inflammation and circulatory health disorders, like Arthritis. Herbalist suggest that the bark can alleviate pain associated with chemotherapy as well, and shows promise in shrinking tumors. It's mentioned in a great book written by two doctors titled 'Beating Cancer With Nutrition', as a natural way of potentially fighting cancer. They back up the claims with scientific studies which are cited in the back. I suggest to all of you that you make use of academic journals as well, and verify this information for yourself.

PauDarco is considered an effective blood purifier by alternative practitioners, and is used to aid against many blood toxicity conditions including dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. These properties are what attracts herbalist to using it when coping with leukemia. To back this up, I'd like to quote a study. One study states, "The chloroform fraction obtained from the methanol extract of T. impetiginosa bark produced strong and weak acaricidal activities against T. urticae, Dermatophagoides spp., and T. putrescentiae". So the truth is out there when it comes to your health folks. In Germany, the government recognizes the science behind herbalism and actually incorporates it into main-stream practice! The Argentinian government supplies free PauDarco to cancer and leukemia patients. I think that is really cool of them and that all nations should follow in their footsteps while maintaining their sovernty and freedom.

Given the academic understanding we have of herbal remedies such as this one, and the desperate need of medicine and improved health on a global scale, it seems beyond the logical conclusion to me. I've used it myself for years to counteract the cancerous feeling associated with smoking too many cigarettes, or contracting the common cold, flu, or just general illness. Some will get upset that I said that, but I'm just sharing my experiences via my freedom of speech. Phytochemical analysis does indicate extensive medical potential provided by the herb though. I think we need to embrace herbalism and say no to the mass brainwashing of humans, because we are being decieved. In the end we should all just try harder to take better care of ourselves. I think these plants are a great way to start, and that from my expriences, I couldn't imagine life without them.

Paudarco Side Effects

When it comes to your health, and with anything you put into your body, there are rules, concerns, considerations, exceptions, etc. With full respect to herbalism, I want to prevent harm by lacking personal bias, and taking a responsible, ethical, and thorough approach to my marketing of said botanicals. With that in mind, here are some Pau darco precautions: Some individuals may have allergic reactions to the bark. Always consider drug interactions, current health conditions, and consult with a professional healthcare practitioner before even considering use. Most of the time, pregnant women or women who may become pregnant should avoid using holistic medicine, unless suggested by a professional. Please don't assume that prescription drugs are safe for nursing women or those who plan on having kids either, because those drugs are not even proven safe when used correctly by those NOT due for having kids.

I've used Pau darco for many years, and have never noticed any side effects. The catch is that I've used it moderately. I've taken as much as 7 grams at a time, by making made a strong decoction out of it, many times. This does not mean that side effects are not possible.. I do enjoy sharing my experiences with you all though.. I can literally feel it cleansing my biology. When I feel ill, it's like a biological carwash is going on, inside me. As if all my biological circuitry is being cleansed, nourished, and supplied with live giving nutrition. It's amazing when you think that you feel alright, and then find out you can feel even better. It makes you question your own health. I'm not so sure I believe some of the alleged side effects mentioned on the internet from sites that don't use citations. It's plausible though that in a large enough dosage, and used for a long enough period of time, the effects could be negative. I want to warn you to use caution and moderation.


A decoction of 1/2 cup 2-4 times daily is often recommended from herbal resources. I've consumed insane amounts of this stuff, anywhere from 7-14 grams at a time in a decoction(boiled in water). A tincture or 2-3 ml 2-3 times daily is also suggested by many herbal resources. Capsules are sort of a western "quick fix" approach, and some enjoy them others don't. I personally think capsules are the least effective but that's my opinion. Paudarco just happens to work best when boiled, as do most roots. Most of it is long thin slivers of bark that would need to be powdered first before it would fit in caps. Being able to see your medicine in tact, in its original form, is quite satisfying when receive your product. It shows you that the supplier is not trying to pull some funny business. I prefer a DIY approach, and bulk raw product, but that's me. You can find any type of product on this site though.

As I have learned throughout my years of research, barks and roots work best in either a tincture, or decoction. A decoction is made by boiling the root or bark for a certain amount of time. It's a good idea to add a small drop of oil to the mixture, and cover it so that the constituents don't evaporate ( my idea ). Sense Paudarco is a bark, you'll want to use this method, and cook it until the water takes on the color of the bark itself. Remember, Pau darco works great in a decoction or tincture, and the longer it cooks the better it is in the end, assuming you don't over-do it and burn it. Think of it like making Cannabis-edibles, don't burn the potency out of the herb!

A tincture is made by soaking the bark or root in high proof liquor such as Everclear, for at least one month. Store your Paudarco tincture in a cool, dark place. It's common to observe different plant parts being prepared in different ways, and being used for different medicinal applications. In other words, various methods of consumption, and extraction techniques, have impacts on the effects and the potency of the yield. Make sure you do it right the first time to avoid wasting valuable product. Tinctures are most commonly suggested for dealing with cancer, although either method has been reported by users to work just fine.

Organic Pau dArco (Tabebuia impetiginosa)

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