Phytochemical Benefits Of Cannabis Roots Pollen and Leaves

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               In the mainstream culture of Cannabis, a lot of people seem to have this "know-it-all" type of ego. The reality is, most of us know the same basic stuff. Cannabis contains THC, and CBD. You hear it over and over again. People think that hemp is useless, leaves suck, and seeds are to be thrown in the garbage. The reality is that there is no part of the Cannabis plant that is useless, nor should any of it be discarded. The whole thing is extremely useful and vital and we should embrace herbalism in the mainstream like the Germans! Acknowledge the science world!

I'd like to start by talking about Cannabis roots. Lots of holistic remedies and medicines are the roots of various plant species. Dandelion root and Echinacea root are two examples of this. The roots of Marijuana are no different, and the mainstream seems to have no idea. Cannabis roots contain friedelin, epifriedelino, N-(p-hydrocy-B-phenethyl)-p-hydroxy-trans-cinnamamide, choline, and neurine. Cannabis also contains eugenol, which is an anesthetic and anti-septic alkaloid.[1][4] A sweet Native American girl that I knew would add Pot to just about everything, especially pollen, roots, and rare parts of the plant. She said they have the most hidden medicinal power. I think it's sad that people are not utilizing them and instead are taking these other parts of the herb for granted.

Choline is vital to human beings for three physiological purposes: "integrity and signaling roles for cell membranes, cholinergic neurotransmission (acetylcholine synthesis), and a major source for methyl groups via its metabolite".[5] Sense the roots thrive in soil where microorganisms thrive, it seems very likely that it's of great importance to the human microbiome. A microbiome is basically an ecosystem of necessary and beneficial bacteria to living creatures such as us human beings. Today this notion is often referred to on the open market as "pro-biotics". We need to stop thinking of all bacteria as evil and harmful. I don't want to go too far into this because I don't want to upset some corporations.

While many people believe that hemp is useless as a psychoactive drug or medicine, that is not entirely accurate. Cannabis pollen ( hemp flowers / pollen sacks ) contain impressive amounts of THC and THCA. It's Industrial grade that's not worthy of recreational admiration. Even the ashes were used in calcination processes by ancient alchemist. The pollen also contains flavone, and phenolic alkaloids.[1] Aside from the well known CBD and THC that Cannabis produces, the leaves also contain Choline, trigonelline, cannabamines A-D, and more shockingly a constituent known as phenethylamine hordenine.[1] They contain many other beneficial alkaloids too. So if you're not going to smoke it, throw it in some butter, oil, or alcohol. I love the idea of blends using Marijuana parts.

Throughout history all parts of both the Hemp and Marijuana plants were used in medicinal elixirs. It was very frequently made into infusions with other psychoactive plants such as Datura, Poppies, and even Henbane.[1] Other non-psychoactive plants were often added to this concontions as well, like marshmallow and magnolia bark.[1] Now that you know there is far more to Marijuana than CBD and THC, hold on to all of your males, leaves, roots, and even seeds. I think we need to get in touch with our herbalists roots, pun intended.

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