Bottom line: Make sure your vendor is legit, and look for people who practice the culinary arts, rather than chemistry

See Dutch Passion's blog explaining the dangers of scientist tampering with Cannabis genetics in labs..

The top points that I want to make are: There is a difference between those in the Cannabis industry who are skilled in the culnary arts when utilizing the herb, and there are those in the chemical industry, whose skill is in extraction and free-basing or worse. You want those who create products using the culinary arts and not chemistry. Culinary ingredients, not solvements. Hemp pollen is almost pure THC and is 100% natural, the live rosin of the plant contains terpenes and other goodies, and also has all cannabinoids within it. You want a Hemp supplier that operates just like a Medical Marijuana despensary which uses NO CHEMICALS OR SOLVENTS OR ADDITIVES. REAL Hemp oil should be black when condensed, with a hint of green.

My advise when shopping for Hemp products: Avoid brands that use creepy symbols, like the two serpents climbing up the fallen angel wings ( also know as the Caduceus, a common medical symbol used by serpent medical(big FARMAH) ) It's a graven image ( an occult image, as mention in the second commandment ). Keep in mind that shopping is like voting, so shop for brands that trend towards what you want and need. Continue to support and be involved in the war to end Cannabis prohibition, and corrupt regulations, and other forms of rigging the trade.

In my opinion, I want full spectrum, so we don't all have to buy our cannabinoids separately, and can have them all in one place, and it is a more natural cannabinoid type of high ( in regular Marijuana all cannabinoids are together, not isolated ). We need more live rosin hemp products as well, and lower prices on high quality CBD. If you don't know what live rosin is, it's like resin, except it comes off from fresh plants. In Jamaica I believe they call it Charas, but that is made by rubbing the plants and may be slightly different. Look up the Nug Smasher on YouTube for an example of how one could obtain live rosin. We need to see more of a trend of CBD being included in delta-8 and delta-9 products, along with all other phytocannabinoids ( full spectrum )

Most importantly, make sure the shops you buy from have a real valid COA so you know your products are not tainted with bad stuff. Use your judgment, if it doesn't have a hempy taste then you don't want it. I also believe that products which are too cheap should be avoided at all costs. I also love shops that offer free shipping, because it only costs about $3.xx to ship you a vape pen or whatever first class. Shops that give away free gifts, samples, reward points, those are the ones who are gratful and want to keep you as a customer. Don't make the mistake of thinking because there are a few bad brands that you can't find quality products. I have never stopped finding that new favorite. It is a very diverse and exciting market!

By just toking on a vape that lacks CBD, (is only THC by itself), you can actually start to crave CBD, because: sense it's not regular Marijuana and is just a THC vape, your body can put two and two together and realizes, "there's no CBD in here.." This is one more reason to shop for full spectrum products, so we can trend the market towards better Hemp goods. I'm gratful for this new market, but we also need to continue to push for more and more legalization, full scale of Marijuana and Cannabis in general, hemp as well. Anyone should be able to grow it on their front porch without paying the government too.


Give the shops feedback! Avoid shops who don't want to talk to you, or behave ungodly. Do not buy from stores that make sorcerer-like comments, declaring the intelligence of man but not acknowledging the intelligence of the Most High. Please don't shop for products with artificial flavors and additives in them, because we're telling them it is ok to taint hemp. Pure products are the best, like tinctures, oils, and stuff made directly from the plant. If you enjoy delta-8-thc you can get these infused, or buy them on the side. I like to taking a full spectrum hemp oil along side edibles or my vaping routine. It is truly a God send this new market, but I feel now is the time for us Godly people to support those in this new hemp industry which follow the Most High God, and righteous ways, but continue to support your local regular Marijuana market as well.. Reward the just, and do not fund the wicked. When you buy into trends, you help the trends grow. We want wholesome Cannabis products, not pharmaceutical ones.

I'm not affiliated with this shop but they make my points. Ouachita Farms is their name. The full spectrum cannabis oil rosin drops that they sell has that dark hemp oil color that we want, and that is HARD TO FIND in this industry or any other ( Most companies don't make botanical products well ). It should be thick, oily, have a green color overtone, but is mostly black, especially when concentrated. Email or phone up any and every shop before buying, and ask them if they add cannabinoids to the specific product that you're interested in, and where those come from ( where did they get them? ). This means "Do you add pure CBD(or CBG or CBN or CBC etc) to this product?" and "Where do you get the (or CBG or CBN or CBC etc), is it pure? Do you have lab test results for it? Is it synthetic?" Any type of isolate, or "pure" chemical, requires lab test of its own to show that there's no mercury or deadly solvents in there, so I advise to avoid any Hemp or Cannabis product that has ANY isolated, chemically extracted, or free-based cannabinoid of any king. STICK TO OLD SCHOOL ORGANIC METHODS THAT DO NOT INVOLVE SOLVEMENTS OR ANY CHEMICAL CONVERSIONS!!! There are no chemical solvents needed to create good Hemp products that get you stoned. Hemp pollen alone is almost 100% pure THC! Male Marijuana pollen is also the same, nearly 100% THC. God did NOT intend for Cannabis to be taken away from the people, and replaced with pharmakai versions of it. Use it properly, use it naturally. SHOPPING IS LIKE VOTING SO VOTE WISELY AND PRAY FOR THAT WHICH IS RIGHT

Most Important Tips For Hemp Consumers:

  • Look for products that do NOT have mct oil or artificial ingredients in them.
  • Look for products that have "non-gmo" and "organic", and back it up.
  • Look for products that have REAL coa's, a lot of people fake it.
  • Contact companies before buying and ask them tough questions.
  • Make sure shop owners know the difference between hybrid and genetically modified
  • Pay attention to brand logo's, and avoid ones with graven images.
  • Watch out for counterfeit brands meant to look authentic.
  • Avoid brands with serpent medical graven images on them..
  • Avoid brands that have secrets.
  • Ask vendors where they get their hemp seeds

  • Moral of the story: Buy your own Hemp flower to make CBD oil with, instead of buying it. The end product will be the rare quality that people desire and chase

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    Stick to that REAL Yall

    Check out our friends at the Florida Cannabis Action Network!

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    See Dutch Passion's blog explaining the dangers of scientist tampering with Cannabis genetics in labs..