Psychoactive BayBean [ Canavalia rosea ]

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BayBean is also known as beach bean, bay bean, seaside bean, coastal jackbean, or MacKenzie bean.

A Note On Alternatives

Interestingly enough, before the JWH laced "herbal blends", also known as "designer drugs", there was no such thing as drug laced smoking blends. I know this because I was a big time consumer back then, before the "research chemical" days. Before the epidemic of these "fake legal drugs", there was a large range of smoking blends on the market that did not contain synthetic drugs. Whether intentional or not, this has caused confusion and doubt in those looking for drug free products.

The point I'm getting to is that this all natural, produed no high, was commonly used in drug free, natural tobacco alternative smoking blends before the "spice", "bath salts", and whole "designer drugs" outbreak. Now everyone is suspecious of everything being some sort of disquised drug, and I don't blame them. This is why I wanted to talk about this though, because many people seem unaware in my eyes. It seems almost like some conspiracy against herbs, or a smoke bomb thrown to the public into confusion whether intentional or not.


It's used by herbalists as a natural tobacco alternative because of its awesome flavor when burned. There were many non-drug-laced tobacco alternative blends on the market back in the day, many of which relyed on herbs such as these for a good flavor. In other words, this ethnobotanical is yet another ingredient that gives these alternatives a pleasant taste and smell. Personally, I have tested the extract of this one and I was impressed by the aroma.

It has a dark, rich flavor, similar to that of a dark imported cigar. When I speak of the dark flavor, I mean a taste similar to that of a lager beer, or a dark rich cigar, like a Cohiba. A rich and robust aroma that's dark like chocolate or coffee is what I'm talking about. To me, the aroma and taste that baybean has to offer is simply incredible. It's a nice, rich and relaxing smoke. The mellowing sensations accompanied with Baybean are also more favorable than any brand of smokes in my opinion.

Alternative Smoking Mixture

If you're a consumer of high quality, imported organic Tobacco, you may be interested in different aromatics to flavor, and ehnahce the aroma of your Tobacco. When I first discovered it, I decided to start with an extract because the aroma was much more intense and favorable for my mission. I came up with several quite unique curing blends to spice up the aroma and flavor. There are many complimentary flavors and aromas for curing Tobacco and other herbs. Two complimentary flavors for this infusion include vanilla, licorice, chocolate, and Fenu-greek. Sassafras root is also great on its own to cure your tobacco with.

What is curing? The process of enhancing the aroma and taste of an herb by storing the dried product in in glass jars for long periods of time. When curing, it's important to open the jars once in a while to allow fresh air to enter. This also enhances the flavor and rids the final product of any left over fertilizer, clorophil , or other fowl taste. All of the grade A medical Cannabis in the country goes through this process as well. Its part of what gives the final product the best quality aroma possible, aside from other factors like genes, etc.

Psychoactive Effects
I know I know, you want to know about the "psychoactive effects" of this herb. I've tried nearly every product on the market, including a wide variety of extracts and resins. I compare this particular one to that of nicotine, coffee, or chocolate. The effects are no more intense than the average cigarette, and certainly not strong enough to be labeled a "drug". Never the less, the psychoactive effects of this keen natural botanical are un-deniable. It produces a calming body-sensation, and is soothing to the mind. The aromatic flavor also enhances these entheogenic effects, as they seem to have some effect on the mood and consciousness. All together, I find it a delicous and soothing plant with a very nice calming quality.

Scientifically, we do know a little bit about it. It's believed the active chemical produced by the plant is "L-Betonicine". Did you know that all plants produce chemicals? Many of these plant chemicals are used in the mass production of medications such as aspirin, pain medicine, etc. So if you were under the impression that all this herbal stuff is silly non-sense, i'm afraid you were mistaken. This field is known as Phytochemistry by the way.

No, I don't sell this.

Organic Entheogen; Scientific Name; Canavalia rosea

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