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        Alternative medicine is nothing new. The use of healing plants dates back to times prior to those of the B.C. era. Several studies show that this psyllium can lower cholesterol levels due to the dietary fiber produced by the plant. It is also another species that naturally produces the compound known as mucilage. Mucilage, also found in Mullein, is known for helping the body expel mucus. Plants that contains mucilage are often suggested for respiratory conditions by alternative healers.

It may be interesting to know that well over 60% of the total imports going to pharmaceutical firms for use in products such as Metamucil come from plants like this one. I want to make it perfectly clear that this is not the only plant that big pharma is using to produce their drugs. Menthol used in cough drops and other over the counter drugs is extracted from Mint plants, and Morphine is synthesized from Opium Poppie plants. Even aspirin is derived from the bark of a tree known as White Willow.

Aside from the Mucilage content of this healing plant, there is more. Herbalist suggest this plant for use in treating IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome ), as well as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. The use of medicinal plants is nothing new and today more than ever the science behind these holistic plants is well understood. After all, if there is no science behind how these natural tools have been effective in the past then what does the pharmaceutical industry want with them? Phytochemist and other forms of science have isolated the medicinal compounds found within these plants and conducted much research on their effects.

Psillium goes great with Sassafras, Wormwood, and Goldenseal. A Native American friend of mine loves the stuff and especially enjoys using and capturing the essential oils. One can do this with nothing but water, and a dropper used in tincture bottles. She uses the fresh plant material because its potency is the highest. Just let it sit and the oils will eventually separate. You can actually wrap string around the plant material, and tie it to a rock ( wash the rock first ), and set it in a mason jar like an anchor. It's actually pretty cool to watch the oil separation process! Sunlight speeds up the process as the heat increases the speed of the molecules!

History has taught us that nature provides. The modern world has shown us that what we used to think of as wishful thinking is now very evident and backed by science. I believe that the ancient Chinese were right and have found many natural remedies that have and still do work today. People should still consider interactions, possible side effects, dosages, and preparations when considering use of these natural remedies. This is a very large website so stay tuned as I add more content on Psyllium and other herbs over time. This page will be edited down the road.

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