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According to a quick internet search for "define restitution", it is: "the restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner". Full fledged national recreational marijuana is coming as soon as the end of this week in Nov 2019. At the latest it won't be any longer than 2021. We started with medical, moved to adult use, and the next step will be getting our money back, and then some. This shouldn't just apply to those arrested for the herb, but all pot heads everywhere.[although how could one prove this?]

The reason why should be obvious. We were trashed, smear campaigned, wrongfully targeted, stalked, harassed, incarcerated, discriminated against, hated, and labeled "bad". I think people have been tricked into acting unethically and policing something which should be embraced. I think we were robbed of our money and wrongully incriminated. I am happy to see people turning this mistake around. I want to encourage people to remain peaceful and legal, as well as calm in their political views. Also consider that perhaps the most over-looked aspect of this situation is that these people have been the immoral ones the entire time, with their stalking, malicious behavior, and depriving the youth from medications which save dying children.

For as long as anyone can remember, Cannabis and its users have been the victims of a proprietorial war on their civil liberties, freedom, and health. Prohibition and those who support it are in my perspective violating the constitution and our liberties. At the end of the day, these grandiose, "authoritarian" trouble makers are prejudice and discriminatory against an entire culture of people who choose to live a smart, natural lifestyle. It's a breath of fresh air to see the cultural shift taking place today. I remember back in the early 2010s a major social change started to emerge in the states. It was really cool. I'm so proud of everyone for their participation in this legal battle.

At any rate, please support organizations that support human rights, cannabis law reform, and other American defense operations. We have to take a stand for freedom and get our original way of life back and integreted with our culture once again. Please do your part and share these post, donation to appropriate organizations, and spread the word. Vote, and do it wisely and with heart and compassion for all. Please feel free to check out the resources listed on this website in the url section. They are here to make life better for all of us. Thanks again for visiting and know that this website is growing every single day!

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