Interestingly enough, modern day beliefs and consumption of Tobacco are far different than those throughout history. For hundreds of generations this species, Nicotiana rustica was used by virtually every native American tribe; as an offering to the spirits when cultivation would take place or the gathering of food, for healing and for ceremonies. This sacred plant had has many prized uses which vary among the many tribes that utilized this entheogenic species. It was medicine, used for prayer, protection, respect, and healing.

Nicotiana rustica, was the sacred Tobacco that unified a thread of communication between humans and the spiritual powers that be in many Indian rituals, ceremonies, and religious observances. The amazing plant also sealed peace treaties between certain tribes and even agreements between individuals. For such positive purposes, the chief often held a special pipe with a long decorated stem, known as a "Peace Pipe".

It's a very important Shamanic tool used throughout the amazon. This particular strain is also often smoked during Ayahuasca ceremonies, or added to the Ayahuasca brew. The smoke from this Tobacco itself, was thought to be sacred and purifying, being burned for purification and protection, even when not inhaled. Keep in mind, the Natives did not add poison to the product like the common additives feared in cigarettes today. These tribes were not monopolist corporations, they were individuals seeking a pure way of living, a true way of life brought to them by the land, their source of survival.

Organic Sacred Tobacco Scientific Name Nicotiana rustica

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