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          This page is dedicated to several historic herbal medicine infusions that include Cannabis. These types of known infusions were prized by Mystics, Shamans, Healers, and other various and related cultures that ruled the earth as god-like holy creatures. Sense the ethnobotany of Marijuana is a rarely discussed subject, I decided to write some really good articles on the interest about that. I hope you enjoy and please like, and share my work on your social media networks. It's very important, so spread those seeds of knowledge!

Ma-Yo Ancient Chinese Infusion

        Throughout history, Cannabis was often combined with many other psychoactive and entheogenic plants. It was very common to find it in mixtures that included Datura ( White Thornapple , Datural Metel), the Opium Poppy, and others such as Wormword, and so on.[1] One such example of an infusion is called "ma-yo", or "ma-po". This was a concoction invented by a Chinese physician called as Hau-to.[1] It was an hybrid mixture, which included Marijuana resin, wine, monkshood ( Aconitum sp.)kudzu flowers ( Pueraria lobata ), and wormwood.[1] It sounds friggin cool right? I bet there's some really good combos out there. Mixtures such as this one, were only used by very knowledgeable shamanic healers, due to the fact that some of the ingredients were highly poisonous in sufficient dosages, especially Datura seeds. It was considered a narcotic anesthetic mixture.[1]

Some infusions utilized the medical rule known as the Arndt-Schulz rule.[3] The Arndt-Schulz rule basically states that any poison ( like Datura ) is a medicine in a dilute enough dosage.[3] Likewise, any medicine may be a poison in sufficient enough of a dosage.[3] The addition of wormwood to the mixture is also very interesting. Wormwood is the main ingredient in the mystic drink called " Absinthe ". Its properties are considered very subtly, mysterious, yet powerful. Its likely more of a mystical oneirogen than an extremely narcotic waking life entheogen. Yet, wormwood's purpose to help with digestion is well known. This could be another reason it was decided to be added to the infusion referred to as " ma-yo ". I wonder if they spread it on a turkey sandwhich? #)

Necromancers, Cannabis, & "Seeing Into The Future"

Cannabis was added to more infusions than just those used as anesthetics though. More mystical applications of this great entheogenic gem were also created throughout history. Necromancers would combine Cannabis with Panax Ginseng Roots so that they could "foresee future events."[1] This may sound far fetched, but maybe they just knew how to calculate the most possible outcomes that would take place based on past experiences and current situations, a sort of "educated guess" with impressive accuracy. To the effect, i'm describing what in medicine is referred to as a "stimulant". It makes sense because some strains of pot [ high Sativa ] are stimulating!

The Ginseng stimulates brain activity and the combination of that with the Ganja was inducing these clear visions of what was going to happen in the persons life based on the past, present, and a calculation process. You feel that the possibility of it happening is very likely so you take precautions to make sure it doesn't happen, assuming its a bad thing. It's a psychological alarm that can range in intensity from subtle to what some like to call a "panic attack". I think it all depends on how buried the unconscious message is tho, and how quickly and hard it hits you ( becomes clear and lucid in your consciousness awareness ).

In dreams for example, our brains seem to me like they make calculations of possible outcomes. Dreams run these scenarios through our minds sometimes I think, so well see and live what it would be like if it were like the calculation, as a form of warning. The scenarios that you live are personal, and relate to your life right now, and maybe what you're not conscious enough of, but should be. I believe the purpose of this is so that you're forced to live it and experience it as real as the real thing so that you'll know to do something about it when you wake up. That, or maybe it really did. I suppose my point is that well, we know that these botanicals are active, and understand that the known phytochemicals like THC[marijuana], CBD[hemp], that they produce have stimulating, and other psychoactive properties.

Knowing this, is it not fair to suggest that maybe this ancient lore, these beliefs, may be explained by the same phenomenon that I described to you in this article? Panax Ginseng stirs up mental activity due to the caffeine and other phytochemicals present in the roots induces sudden awareness. The Shamanic belief that Cannabis combined with Panax Ginseng roots could enable diviners to foretell future events may revolve around these ideas I present to you, and all of the related psychological phenomenon combined. It's my interpretation of the claim. I find it to make more sense than anything else. I have an open mind for the claim being even more far out than that though.

Pot Infused With Various Entheogenic Plants

If you're really big into the study of ethnobotany, then you should be more than familiar with Datura ( White Thornapple, Datura metel ). This plant is capable of inducing extreme psychoactive, psychedelic, and dilerant effects when consumed. It's also potentially deadly. Like others similar to Datura in nature, it too has been utilized as a medicine[Arndt–Schulz rule ] in the past, only by highly trained professionals(see warning below). Feel free to look up this information from scholarly sources, as I check all my information herein.

The following recipe was invented by Li Shizhen, and was considered a powerful anesthetic.[1] Equal parts of white thornapple ( datura ) and Marijuana were harvested at the end of the year. They were added to wine.[1] The result was a powerful tool that could induce narcotic anesthesia following ingestion.[1] Doctors could carry our minor operations without causing any pain to the patient. [Ratsch, Christian. Marijuana Medicine: A World Tour of the Healing and Visionary Powers of Cannabis. Rochester, VT: Healing Arts, 2001. Print. ]

Warning About Datura

The Datura plant can be dangerous though, very much. That's why I mention that it was used by professionals and people really shouldn't just go around taking it without knowing what they are doing because it can be very dangerous. It doesn't take much of it to be considered toxic. In homeopathic medicine, plants such as Datura were made into very diluted medicines designed to induce an immune respond in the patient.( Arndt-Schulz rule ) Most other plants on this page are not like that but its important to know that some out there may be harmful unless you know how to use them. I guess the point here is, only people who knew or know what they are doing use this stuff because for anyone else its very dangerous(datura). Don't try this at home. It's just ethnobotnaical history.

star botanicals
Kratom, Plants, Seeds, Ethnobotanicals, Oneirogens..

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