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Unforunately, it seems like there's too many restrictions on plant based products, and interference I think, in this aspect of our economy. Marijuana I believe, is one of the greatest examples of this reality that we need to address. This is the story of a plant so important, that its prohibition may have literally lead to the downfall of human society. It's a story that's almost one hundred years old, and the chapters continue to unfold to this day. So "smoke one if you got it", because your mind is about to be blown. Please feel free to check out the links and citations towards the bottom of the page and please share it with your friends, family, and colleges. I like to promote other great blogs and non-profits as well.

It all started back In 1939, when Marijuana was made illegal.[x] Believe me, no one was happy about it. There weren't citizens filling the streets across the country cheering. Think back to how life was in 1938 and before then. People in general were a lot more "vanilla" so to speak, in a complementary sense!. They were more kind, loving, empathetic, trusting of strangers, and polite. Crimes occurred back then about as often as forest fires occur at the north pole.[x] Illness wasn't rampant, jails and prisons were not full of innocent human beings, and no one in America had a problem with the herb, except a few specific political figures..

The jailing and imprisoning of mass Americans progressively went down hill following this decision, as freedom seemed to take a hit. Official statistics literally show a sharp and steady increase in crime from around the time Marijuana was outlawed, to today.[x] Alarmingly excessive amounts of individuals had their lives interrupted. These people were treated like criminals. I think it's unfortunate, the illusion of these extreme dangers related to Cannabis, but the waking up is nice. I recently went through a lot of nostalgia stumbling upon an old non-profit that I promoted back in the day called The Human Solution. It's a good feeling to see people ban together, peacefully and legally. Sadly, newer generations began being subjected to massive compaigns which mislead out perception on the herb. Luckily there are a lot of good and intelligent human beings in the world who were willing to take the time and spend the money to correct the issues at hand.

A major intention of mine with this article is not just to spew words, but to back them up. This is why I'm including some important academic links at the bottom of the page, which are reputable sources to prove these points. When we look at what is happening, I think we can see a direct correlation between Cannabis being made illegal, and the mental, physical, and spiritual health of our culture declining in some aspects, and being interfered with negatively in others. Sense the human population is increasing at an extremely alarming rate, the number of original Marijuana consumers back in the 1930's have been getting mixed in with new generations. These new generations didn't grow up in a time when the plant was legal. These people were exposed to ideas which led them to believe smoking was criminal, by claiming that the herb was dangerous, addictive and harmful. Science has shown us a lot about the herbs medicinal potential however.

Ready for another very interesting statistic related to crime rates in the US and their correlation with Cannabis use..? Around 1930, about ten years before the herb was first banned, and around the time that it was first introduced to the states from Mexico[x], murder rates stopped steadily increasing for the first time in thirty straight years, and took a COMPLETE turn around, steadily dropping. When we consider the fact that the human population is constantly and exponentially increasing every single minute of every single day, then these stats become that much more powerfully indicative of the positive influence that Cannabis has had on our society.

Today the world has embranced a change in law reform in regards to many ethnobotanical specimens. I'm proud to see the research that's being done by not only MAPS, but the Edelic Center For Ethnobotanical Services, The Human Solution, NORML, The American Kratom Association, Erowid, Botanical.com, and even.. Wikipedia! The internet is filled with such great resources, including scholar.google.com and I really feel privilaged to be allowed to be a part of it. I think we all definitely take it for granted. I think some may on purpose abuse it, trying to get it taken away. We should all protect and influence change in law reform towards Cannabis, with ethical practice, and honest non bias education. We need a greener world, and a brighter tomorrow, and we know Hemp and Marijuana can help.

I believe we are learning towards health freedom in the west. It's obvious when you see things like Mexico and their full on recreational legalization! Canada as well has also launched a full scale adult use operation, the only catch is you must buy it from their government alone. It's a step in the right direction non the less and no one is going to jail over it so that's good. I like to see things moving along at a certain momentum in the movement. I think it's great to see so many people smiling and holding signs, and sharing petitions, and voting. I believe it's important for everyone to keep their calm and not get sucked into this aggressive group ideaology stuff. Peaceful protest and petitioning is a huge part of western culture. So let us in the Cannabis industry not abuse our rights, and give no one an excuse to want to interfere with our doings.

Now that I've shared my opinion on the possible connection between Marijuana being made illegal, and the potential negative consequences on our culture, let's compare the negative aspects of Cannabis Vs. Pharmaceutical drugs. The number of deaths related to consumption of Marijuana is 0, in the entire history of human existence. Ok whew, sometimes I get too excited and need to tone it down a bit. I am open to citations and debate in a peaceful way though. When was the last time you turned on the TV and heard about a Marijuana over-dose? Official statistics from legitimate sources listed in my citations below, show that 22,400 Americans died in 2005 alone from prescription drug use. This data includes the use of pills as directed by a doctor without abuse.

So it was sad to see certain politicians in the west outlawed Marijuana. I love that there are so many herbal businesses popping up that not only embrace Cannabis in one or another, whether its CBD or Hemp products, but also embrace the herbal essence in general. You see stuff like Kratom, and Yerba Mate popping up, Kava bars in Florida, lots of supplements and organic spices, extracts, live plants, you see Hemp tshirts and other items made from it such as blankets, and pencils, you woulnd't believe it! This is a tremendous opportunity for entrapaneurs everywhere. I hope that this can help boost and fix our economy because we deserve it. Thanks for stopping by my website please know that I earn money from the shops promoted on here and it would support this site and this cuase so thank you.

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