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Kratom is a tree which naturally produces chemicals similar to opiates. It's never killed anyone, and is proving to be what this country needs to overcome the opiate epidemic. Live plants are available and in stock year 'round.

San Pedro ( Trichocereus pachanoi )
Trichocereus pachanoi
San Pedro is closely related to Peyote. It's very easy to grow. It can even grow roots just sitting around. Learn more below.

Rooted Totem Pole Cactus 10"

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Mimosa hostilis!
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Iboga Seeds

Totem Pole Cactus Lophocereus or Pachycereus Schottii monstros

Buy Rare Seeds & Ethnobotanicals From Mr Botanicals!
Buy Rare Seeds & Ethnobotanicals From Mr Botanicals!

totem pole cactus schottii monstrose

Totem Pole Cactus Lophocereus
Pachycereus Schottii monstrose

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the scientific name of this particular variety. It's Lophocereus (or Pachycereus) schottii monstrose. Both names are correct. They're just two different names for the same species. This happens sometimes and is confusing. Bouncing Bear Botanicals used to sell seeds and cuttings of it, but have sense dropped this item. They do have other rare cactus seeds for sale, and you'll be impressed with the selection. You can most likely find it for sale here though. ( They tend to always have cuttings or seeds available )

Totem Pole Cactus produces a light pink flower, which blooms in the late spring. Its growth rate is VERY SLOWLY. It requires full sun. Watering should be extremely minimal, as cacti in general store water for long periods of time and require very little. It can withstand temperatures of 25% Fahrenheit. Make sure that you protect it against frost, and it gets plenty of reflected heat. It requires extremely well-drained soil in a gravel like compost made especially for succulents.

The mighty Totem Pole cactus is native to Mexico, and parts of Southern Arizona, USA. It forms large shrubs that are 5-15 meters or more in height, with stout stems that reach up to 1 meter in diameter. Assuming you're using the right growing medium, they are extremely easy to grow, and require little to no maintenance. Cultivating these magnificent succulents is a great way to give back to the earth, helping to renew a fresh supply of oxygen to the biosphere. They also purify the water. In folk lore, Cacti are considered a symbol of strength, and protection. Their spikes and hardy life style seem to back up this belief, as they live up to the lore.

Organic Totem Pole Cactus (Lophocereus schottii monstrose)

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Buy Rare Seeds & Ethnobotanicals From Mr Botanicals!
Buy Rare Seeds & Ethnobotanicals From Mr Botanicals!

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