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        The bark and seeds of the Voacanga tree are used in Africa as a poison, stimulant, aphrodisiac, and ceremonial entheogen by the locals where it grows wild. A number of the compounds present in the bark are prized for their pharmacological value by these people. This is what is believed makes the plant an alternative to the popular supposed "drug addiction treatment tool" known as Iboga root, in regions of the world where it's legal. I'm not making a medical claim there, just telling you what they believe. The scholarly journals are quite fascinating though. Bouncing Bear was selling it prior to an illegal raid on their business in 2011. Now it's on Amazon, or you can buy seeds of Iboga at Mr B'z. Contact me about your potential order

         This entheogen is closely related to Iboga, a natural plant that is prohibited in certain areas of the world. It has been studied by groups such as MAPS ( Multidisciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies ) which I support, as well as the Edelic Center For Ethnobotanical Services. These groups are of scholars and activist that want to see global change in the way of our collective perception of such natural substancse. Like many other ethnobotanicals, Voacanga too is native to Africa. The bark and seeds of the plant are used in Ghana as a poison, stimulant, aphridisiac, and ceremonial psychedelic. The plant naturally produces constituents simliar to Iboga.

A note on the poisonous aspect of this entheogen. Did you know that a medical rule known as "arndt schulz law" states that any poison in a dilute enough dosage has positive effects on life processes? In other words, any poison is a medicine in small enough doses. The main difference between medicine and poison is the dosage. That's not necessarily a reason to be careless with this stuff. In fact it's not promoted for consumption. There is a global market for it though. A friend of mine traveled to Africa just to learn about ethnobotanicals back in 2013. She described her experience with Voacanga as "glowing and insightful". I'll talk more about it in the next paragraph.

She said the plant material was powdered up by the Shaman, who's "get up" she claimed, was enough to give anyone a good experience. I found this amusing. I was told that the state of consciousness induced by the Voacanga africana was a bit more like Ayahuasca, and less like Psilocybin. She described it as very similar to Ibogaine with a slight twist. Mind you, where she consumed this botanical it was perfectly legal and embraced by the culture there. You used to be able to buy it on Amazon, i'm not sure if it's still there. At any rate there are other ways to use it. I was also informed that the locals there also use it to catch food to eat, as it can be used as a poison. They say different parts of the plant have unique properties and applications in ethnobotany.

It's my belief that herbs and trees such as Voacanga evolve to create their own compounds of defense against infections and disease. This is based off what I've read and interpreted via academic journals over the years. When utilized properly, the compounds are believed to have positive effects on human beings. Many of the constituents found in plants are almost identical to many of those found in the human body and mind. Another interesting fact is that many of these entheogenic species share very similar constituents. For example, Kratom and v. africana contain phytochemicals which are nearly identical in structure. This reminds me of the golden ration, being another innate synchornicity that exist within reality.

Voacanga Africana contains a constituent known as "voacangine". The fact that we know about voacangine and other plant constituents wouldn't be possible without scientific study. For more information on Voacangine you'll have to check wikipedia. Even tho Iboga root and simliar ethnobotanicals contain chemicals that have been used for dealing with drug addiction, extractions of their compounds, or use is illegal in the USA and SOME other countries. It also has a history of use as medicine for ulcers and other things in herbalism, not just as an entheogen. Despite the lies, there has been scientific research which can be verified using One last note, a friend of mine from Africa like to combine Voacanga with Daemomorops draco because it supposedly enhances it. She does this over there, in its native habitat.

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Organic Voacanga (Voacanga africana)

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