Whats Kratom Like? [ Effects ]

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         What does Kratom feel like? What are the effects? The answer varies from person to person. First of all, most heavy opiate users ( real opiates ) and opiate addicts commonly report mostly withdrawal symptom relief or effects on par with that of their typical medication. Many heavy opioid users and addicts report that they prefer leaf induced euphoria over poppy derived alkaloids. So again, the effects can vary from user to user. People with little to no real opiate tolerance or use are the ones who report more intense effects. Many people have had the quality of their lives dramatically improved by this God-send. It is frustrating for them to endure people who claim to be on the same Christian team as them, condemn what the bible tells us that God gave us. Genesis 1:29 "and God said, Behold I have given to you every seed-bearing herb sowing seedw hich is upon all the earth, and every tree which has in itself the fruit of seed, to you it shall be for consumption(food;meat)". To those who have come off serpent medical opioid drugs, they are truly blessed and grateful.

Commonly Reported Effects Induced By Kratom

- Energy
- Relaxation/Calmness/Sedation
- Pain Relief
- Relief From Negative Emotions
- Focus
- Nootropic
- Sleep
- Depression Relief
- Anxiety Relief
- An intense sense of well-being
- Extreme Empathy
- An enhanced sense of spirituality
- Social stimulation
- Contentedness
- Overwhelming desire to work
- Intense creative motivation
- Happiness
- Infinite Love

These of course are the positive effects. The negative effects of Kratom use are a direct result of simply using too much. There have been no recorded deaths from its use. Instead, an "overdose" with this herb simply leaves the user feeling lousy, nauseated, and maybe with a mild headache. This can all be avoided by not taking too much. These symptoms sure beat the one true opiate overdose symptom, which is death. I challenge anyone who claims this is "fake news" to a citation war. Poor quality kratom tends to have more negative effects. Quality can be determined by the obvious consumption, but there are some other signs: bright color, smooth texture, not dry or grainy looking but more chalky and clumpy in nature, doesn't look too dry. Good kratom is very strong, and require very small amounts like a small teaspoon is it? ( the smaller one, not the bigger one ). 1-3 teaspoons ( the tiny one not the big one )

Many people swear that they really need it for pain, and other ailments. For those of you who are using it recreationally, don't take a lot of Kratom everyday. Give yourself a break and really space it out, about 4-6 hours between dosing. Do not combine it with illicit, proscription, or over-the-counter drugs(including alcohol). If there is pending legislature to ban this great plant in your area, please get involved. You can find many great activist groups to join. Be part of the legal resistance to protect human rights. Most importantly, tell other people about this stuff and spread the word high and low for the cause. Get right with God and seek his protection and pray that he keeps it legal as he has been doing. We must abide in him to protect the legality of such wonderful gifts from the Most High God. Correct people who call theirselves "Christians" and then commit blasphemy ( insult God ) but insulting his work, and condeming something which the bible has told us is for our nourishment. God gave man every seed bearing herb and tree, that they shall be for food.(consumption, nourishment.

Big Pharmaceutical Interest

Google "serpent medical"

                  For those who have never used this herb and have your doubts about whether or not it works, here's some proof. Several states have tried to ban it, including Florida. The Florida senate has tried multiple times to pass a bill to ban Kratom. They failed, but i'm pretty sure that they had this idea, which went something like this. "We'll take it away from the people, and hand it over to the big drug companies." - ( not an actual quote ! ) It states ", in schedule of controlled substances; provides exception from scheduling for drug product approved by USDA which contains Mitragynine or 7-Hydroxymitragynine; reenacts related provisions." Does that make anyone else very angry? You gotta stay vigilant, and pay attention. There is propoghanda out there, and political narratives, and you gotta do your own research to avoid getting decieved as a voter and human for that matter. Become an activist in some way shape or form, even if it just means correcting people, or spreading the word by mouth. Please use Google Scholar for academic citations ( scholar.google.com ) , or Wikipedia.org OR PubChem, an academic database also known as the National Library Of Medicine.

The big serpent medical ( drug companies, potion sorcerers ) obviously have an interest in Kratom. Why wouldn't they? They could turn it into pills to treat opiate withdrawals, pain, anxiety, and other related conditions. Oh wait, I already wrote a blog on this, and quoted CNBC in a blog they published where they interviewed a pharmaceutical company that had already decided to create a drug made in the likeness of Mitragynine, a chemical component of the Kratom plant designed by God to do what it does ( a seed bearing herb, one of many in which he hath given to all man, for consumption( for meat, food). You can read that blog here:drug companies make pill based off Kratom's active chemical components.. thieves!, and I encourage you share it on your social platforms. What this really boils down to is control. That's why they coined the phrase "controlled substance". It's not about getting the substance out of the hands of the people at all. It's about making sure the people buy it from a drug company and not grow it on their own. It's a satanic agenda, to steal property, and enslave people for not taking your witchcraft potions ( pills ). God did not intend it to be this way, and we should all be working to prevent a 911 invasion. See God's 911, at Psalm 91:1.

In a nutshell, it's harmless plant drug/medicine, and people dig it and benefit from it. Some use it recreationally, for others it has changed their lives medically, for the better. People have gotten off hard pills ( opioid, fentanyl, etc ), but psychopaths don't care, they want their control and profit, despite the fact that they are murdering people with these pills, mass genocide style. They hate democracy and democrats, that's why we're being labeled "communist". This is what happened in Nazi Germany. Anyway, Alcohol and Tobacco are far more of a concern to public health. This herb also contains antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. Please, don't allow others to be manipulated by bogus propaganda. Thanks and please share this article with your friends and families.

A few brief pointers: This plant is in the same family as Coffee, and has stimulating properties to some extent, as long as your doses are low.. but the point I'm getting to is like Coffee can make you feel weak without it in the morning, so too can Kratom ( from my experience. ) In other words, if you use it as an alternative to Coffee in the morning it too will become a habit of your morning routine. I would suggest not going over-board with it, you don't want to throw off your biochemistry in anyway. This stuff is potent, and should be used precisely and moderately. Moderate the moderation! Fear not these tyranical fake politicians, their games have been exposed and the secret is out of the bag. The Lord reigns supreme, so make friends with him. They hide and lie to avoid accountability for a reason. Team righteousness prevails, and we don't hide. Brave don't hide.

I want everyone to be aware about this push between polarities. The enemy wants to take over all our industries, including Kratom. Because of this, I want you to be very careful about who you buy from. In fact, get your kratom from Indonesia guys. Just look up "Kratom" and look for Indonesian people on social media and ask them. ALL KRATOM IN THE US COMES FROM INDONESIA, AND YOU YOURSELF CAN GET $50 KILO's STRAIGHT FROM THEM ALL DAY LONG EASILY! SELLERS THEY'RE EASY TO FIND AND ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!! GO IN BUSINESS! FLOOD OUR STREETS WITH IT !!! Here let me pull one up for you real quick, : Saharun: +62 813-4775-2538 is his name, he's on Whatsapp he sells $50 kilo's free shipping. All Kratom in America comes from Indonesia where he lives. Spread the word! I tell you this because I want the small seller to survive, and I don't want these far right neo nazi bullies to take over this industry. They're networks of free masons and such, other occult, and enemy groups ( luciferian in nature ), that want to dominate the world. Fortunately they are loosing, and have come up with this tactic that when they can't win, they repeat the same threats anyway. For example, how the FDA keeps acting like they can ban kratom when they can't. Despite the fact that this is well established and Activist have won every single battle sense the beginning, they continue to play boss. God's in charge, and we're certainly above them in everyway. Keep rockin it team righteousness.

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Kratom is not for everyone, all the time. Studies, observation, statistics, all show that it is safer than crappy inferior man made generic knock off versions of natural components of plants..(pills).. Drug companies have already made a pill out of it, while using the FDA to try to Ban it, and push for "lab testing". Do you lab test tomatoes when you pick them off your plant on your front porch? Does your prescription drugs come with a COA ( certificate of analysis ) to show you there are no residual solvents or heavy metals in your pills? No? Sure seems like they just want to pick on Kratom, and make sure the little guy can't make a few bucks. Entrepaneurship is under attack, and the selfish middle class always buy into these fear tactics that lead to more poverty, and more government control.


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