"What The Bleep Do We Know?" is a fantastic and mind-boggling documentary on metaphysics ( the study of reality ). Essentially, this film discusses the nature of reality to the best of our scientific understanding. This type of out of the box science will enchant the minds of the masses, and open up worlds of possibilites for all of us. Prepare your mind to open up to whole new realms of mystical perceptions. For whatever reasons, these facts seem to be supressed from the mainstream media.

The film mentions one of my personal heroes, Dr. Emoto from Japan. He's an incredibly talented scientist who had a hypothesis so out of the box that it inspired him to conduct several experiments that have opened up a new way of thinking and living for human kind. This is just one of many paradigms explained in the film that prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that your thoughts and emotions do effect the environment around you, as well as your own biological circuitry, and others.

The studies and facts mentioned on this DVD are real, scholarly, and easily confirmed with simple research. While there have been many studies that lack thorough, thoughtful research, and debunk the truth through bias and lack of vision, others have shown us how important it is to question authority and even certain "scientist", and "academics". Fortunately, Dr. Emoto's research can be done by anyone with access to water and a high powered microscope, proving once and for all that certain bias scientist who lack vision are simply incorrect in their conclusions and the manner in which they conduct their research.

This is one of the greatest films that I've ever seen. It will recharge your life and consciousness with a mystical perspective, enabling you to value the true nature of reality, which is awe inspiring. Be warned though, it may be offensive to some as it thoroughly challenges main stream orthodox, which can also be thought of as the traditional policed world views pushed onto us by dogmatic institutions which condem and even persecute those who think or discover anything compelling. Spread truth high and low my friends, as it is our duty to awaken the population of this great planet earth.

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