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A lot of Kratom fanatics are turning to liquid "shots", tinctures, and extracts as a way to enjoy their recreational and herbal medicine. It's important to know that there is a difference between a drink and a tincture though. From my experience, full spectrum tinctures are much better extracts than that of any "shot" or any other liquid products. All of the other drinks tend to be diluted and have inferior product added to them. For some, it's all about maximizing profits. For the awesome people at the Kratom shop, it's all about creating superior products for awesome prices.

The best kratom shots available for sale on the market are rather easy to identify. If they have a really dark color, and a syrupy consistency, then they're good. They must be made using only the finest product. The actual herb used first undergoes a drying and curing process which ensures that the most possible prized constituents are captured. Extremely high proof ethanol is used as a solvent to dissolve high concentrations of a full spectrum of phytochemicals from the Mitragyna speciosa leaves, stems, and veins. To take it a step further, the alcohol has some citric acid added to increase the solubility of these constituents even more, and to preserve the potency. No harmful additives or solvents are used in the production of this high quality liquid Kratom tincture. It contains 15ml (mg) pure alkaloid!

All products are made with the finest quality, fresh, lab test Kratom. Everything sold is shipped discretely with free same day shipping. Coupon codes are sent out regularly via email, and discounts are offered frequently. Subscribe to the Botanical Guides newsletter to get coupon codes and discount alerts sent right to your email! Star Botanicals also has the best customer service there is. You literally can't do anything to get on their nerves. If you're tired of poor quality and irritable CSR's, then prepare for a sigh of relief. In my opinion the best tinctures are made with fresh plant material. If you're interested in growing, check out my blog post titled which Kratom strain should I grow?

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