Who has Got The Best Kratom?

Where All Kratom Comes From.
And How Cheap It Really Is

Fact: All kratom being sold in the USA today, is coming from Indonesia. Anyone can buy it and import it from there, for as low as $50 a kilo or less, with free shipping. There are no import bans, that is socialist propaganda. It is perfectly legal to import and you can find hundreds of thousands of sellers from Asia on social media easily. I link to many of them here. If you are an Indonesian vendor who wants their link on this site email scotthermann850@gmail.com thanks. The socialist don't want you to know you can buy it straight from the source. The FDA and the socialist are working to rig the industry, and vendors are being cut off from credit card processing. What they're doing, is playing favorites. Some companies get to keep theirs, others get cut off. This is favoritsm, supremacy, the confederacy, socialism. It must be put to an end.

I want everyone to be aware about this push between polarities. The enemy wants to take over all our industries, including Kratom. Because of this, I want you to be very careful about who you buy from. In fact, get your kratom from Indonesia guys. Just look up "Kratom" and look for Indonesian people on social media and ask them. ALL KRATOM IN THE US COMES FROM INDONESIA, AND YOU YOURSELF CAN GET $50 KILO's STRAIGHT FROM THEM ALL DAY LONG EASILY! SELLERS THEY'RE EASY TO FIND AND ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!! GO IN BUSINESS! FLOOD OUR STREETS WITH IT !!! Here let me pull one up for you real quick, : Saharun: +62 813-4775-2538 is his name, he's on Whatsapp he sells $50 kilo's free shipping. All Kratom in America comes from Indonesia where he lives. Spread the word! I tell you this because I want the small seller to survive, and I don't want these far right neo nazi bullies to take over this industry. They're networks of free masons and such, other occult, and enemy groups ( luciferian in nature ), that want to dominate the world. Fortunately they are loosing, and have come up with this tactic that when they can't win, they repeat the same threats anyway. For example, how the FDA keeps acting like they can ban kratom when they can't. Despite the fact that this is well established and Activist have won every single battle sense the beginning, they continue to play boss. God's in charge, and we're certainly above them in everyway. Keep rockin it team righteousness.

If You're Afraid

Look, these people have a slave owner mentality, but they theirself also suffer from a inferiority complex. Don't feel bad ok. If you're righteous, then your team is winning. Their is a lof of nazi propoghanda floating around, calling the righteous "communist", and segregation and confusion. There are nazi gangstalking and attacks on small business and freedom in this country but you must understand that fear is an illusion spread by fear mongering terrorist like Alex Jones and the other controlled opposition. They make up exaderated stories and power they don't have but want and are planning to obtain, in order to scare you. The truth is there are more righteous people in the government than corrupt, and they know about these groups, and there are plenty of news articles about the FBI arresting neo nazi's daily so we can see evidene that there is such a thing as justice. Don't let the fear porn paralyize you.

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